Firefighter Themed Party Ideas for Preschool

by Lauralee Moss

Preschoolers will not only enjoy a firefighter-themed party, but they will also learn important skills. Have students decorate for the party and invite administrators and parents. Use literature and art prompts to better relate the concepts to students. Gather materials and find guest speakers to create a memorable day.


Decorate the classroom before the party with teacher and student-made pieces. The teacher can create large firefighter helmets out of red poster board. Students should decorate small firefighter helmets either on paper or 3D ones. Tape them on a wall or line them on string to hang across the classroom. Another idea is to borrow a retired firefighter outfit to display. Order a firefighter cake (either the shape of a firetruck or decorated sheet cake) for the day of the party. Place it in a centrally located area.


Brainstorm about fires and firefighters with the class. Encourage students to think about the firefighting profession as a potential job. Write down the ideas on a piece of red poster board and display it. Read several books about firefighters. After reading, return to the poster and discuss what ideas are accurate, inaccurate and why. Have students reflect upon the activity by drawing a picture of what they learned. Ask them to each give a statement concerning their reflections and write it for them.

Kinesthetic Activities

Kinesthetic relates to movement, and students learn through kinesthetic activities. Set up tables so students can rotate throughout the party. Set one table with puzzles, another with coloring pages and crayons and another with stamps and paper -- all firefighter themed. Rent or borrow a large toy fire truck. Discuss what all the different parts are and let children play with it. As a class, make picture frames from foam sheets. Students can later add a picture of themselves in the firetruck. Another appropriate kinesthetic activity is practicing "stop, drop and roll."

Guest Speaker

The highlight of a firefighter-themed party is a visit to a firefighter station or a visit from an actual firefighter. Students will learn from a real firefighter the seriousness of fires, fire prevention methods and actions in case of a fire. Students will also see what a firefighter looks like in gear. This helps students trust a firefighter in case they see one in the midst of a fire. Firefighters often allow students to ride or climb in a firetruck and provide plastic hats.

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