Firefighter Theme Baby Shower Games

by Blair Foy
Play fun firefighther-themed games at a baby shower.

Play fun firefighther-themed games at a baby shower.

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Whether to honor a family member who is a firefighter, or if the parents know they are having a boy and want to feature fire trucks in the nursery, incorporating a firefighter theme into a baby shower allows you to put clever twists on traditional shower games. When planning firefighter-themed baby shower games, you can either create your own or slightly alter classic baby shower games to feature firefighters.

Pin the Tail

If there are going to be children attending the baby shower, have a "Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian" game ready to keep them occupied during the party. As the go-to dog for firefighting departments, using a Dalmatian can build on the firefighter theme at the shower. You can also add a spin on this game by having them try and and pin a hat on a firefighter cutout as well.

Change a Baby

Firefighters wear heavy protective gloves as part of their uniforms. Have a pair of heavy work gloves or winter gloves ready for each of your party guests. Give everyone a baby doll and a onesie. Hold a race to see which guest can dress the doll the quickest while wearing the gloves.

Blindfolded Drawing

Have some fun with a game that is an art contest. Give each guest a piece of paper and marker. Blindfold all of the guests and start a timer for one minute. During this minute, each baby shower guest is to draw the best firefighter she can without being able to see. The mother-to-be can choose the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Split your party guests into two groups. Give each group a list of clues leading to five items hidden throughout the event location. All of the clues should lead the party guests to items that are red to symbolize the color of fire. For example, you could hide a small fire truck, firefighter helmet and red firefighter badges. The clues can pertain to facts about the mother-to-be.

Traditional Baby Shower Game Switch

Switch up the characteristics of other traditional baby shower games to capitalize on your firefighter theme. For example, instead of guessing how many diapers are in a container, guess how many plastic fire trucks are inside a glass jar or vase. You can also do firefighter-themed word searches rather than a baby-themed word search.

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