Firefighter Birthday Party Games

by Tracey Bleakley
A firefighter obstacle course will keep your party guests busy and having fun.

A firefighter obstacle course will keep your party guests busy and having fun.

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If your child's biggest heroes are firefighters, then consider a firefighter-themed party for his next birthday. Decorate with red streamers and balloons and pictures of firefighters and fire engines and invite the children to dress up like firefighters for the party. Plan a few firefighter-themed games and activities and you'll have a party that any future firefighter would love.

Obstacle Course

You'll need a large area for this one, so it's best for a backyard party. Set up a firefighter training obstacle course for the children to run through. Some ideas for the course are having the children put on a fireman's hat and jacket, running through tires, around cones or over piles of dirt and "saving" a stuffed animal from a pretend fire. Award each child with a badge when he finishes the course.

Pin The Tail Games

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, set up a game of Pin the Badge on the Firefighter. Blindfold each child, spin her around and let her try to pin a badge onto a poster of a firefighter. Other similar ideas for this game are Pin the Firefighter on the Ladder and Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian.

Water Brigade

In this fun relay race the children form two lines. At one end of each line is a bucket filled with water and at the other is an empty bucket. The first child fills a small beach pail with water from the large bucket and passes it to the next child. The children pass it down the line and empty it into the other bucket. Then they pass the pail back, fill it up with water and pass it down the line. The winner is the team that fills its bucket first.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Teach some fire safety at your party with this activity. Play music while the children dance and move around. Then stop the music. When the music stops, the children must stop dancing, drop to the ground and roll a few times. Start the music and the children can get up and continue dancing. This is a fun game that also reminds children what to do if their clothes catch fire.

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