Fire Truck Themed Crafts to Do at a Birthday Party

by Anya Meave

Fire trucks allow fire fighters to battle and put out fires. All items on a fire truck, such as the water hose and ladder, help fire fighters get jobs done without additional tools. Make a fire truck themed birthday party for a young child, and create fire truck themed crafts for guests to take home. Use bright colors, such as red and yellow on the crafts to adorn each piece of art made by party guests.

Cardboard Fire Truck

Supply each child with a cardboard shoe box, acrylic paints and paint brushes. Also include glue, colored construction paper, scissors and four paper plates. Paint the outside of the box red and the paper plates black. Allow the paint to dry. Cut the center of each paper plate out with scissors to create four wheels. Draw and cut windows, a fender, head lights and a ladder out from the sheets of construction paper to complete the fire truck. Glue the windows, fender and headlights to the front of the fire truck, and the wheels and ladder to the sides of the fire truck.

Fire Dog Puppet

Create a fire dog puppet to ride on the fire truck using a 16 oz. disposable cup. Draw eyes, a nose and ears on a sheet of brown construction paper with black marker and cut the features out with scissors. Place the cup upside down, and glue the eyes 2 inches below the bottom edge of the cup. Glue the nose ½ inch below the center of both eyes. Draw the dog's mouth below the nose with a black marker and glue the top of the ears to the left and right side of the cup. Cut a 4-inch circle out from a sheet of red construction paper, and cut a ¾-inch circle in the center of the red circle. Fold the center of the red circle forward to create the fireman's hat. Place the hat over the top of the cup.

Blazing Fire Scene

Have birthday guests make a blazing fire scene to accompany their cardboard fire truck. Instruct guests to draw three 5-by-3-inch rectangles out from a sheet of colored construction paper, as well as 12 2-by-2-inch squares from a white sheet of construction paper. The rectangles will serve as buildings, while the squares will be used as windows. Position the buildings vertically on a table and glue four windows to the surface of each building. Glue the buildings onto a sheet of plain colored construction, 1 inch apart from each other. Cut and paste 2-inch orange and yellow triangles to the front of each building to create a blazing fire scene. Tape the back of the scene to the surface of a disposable cup to stand the picture up.

Fire Fighter's Hat

Supply each guest with crayons and a 12-inch paper plate. Instruct each guest to turn the paper plate around, with the backside facing up, and color the back with a red crayon. Cut the center of the plate three-quarters of the way with scissors and fold the center forward to make the front of the hat. Cut a 4-inch square out of yellow construction paper and write the words "Fire Dept." on the front with a black marker. Glue the square to the front of the hat. Punch one hole on the left and right side of the hat and insert strips of yellow yarn through the holes to tie the hat around each child's head.

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