Fire Chief Retirement Party Ideas

by Kate Bradley
Hanging up the uniform doesn't make him less of a fireman.

Hanging up the uniform doesn't make him less of a fireman.

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It's time to say goodbye to the fire department chief, so throw a party! Retirement may be the end of his career, but he's got plenty more good years of celebrating ahead. Give him a retirement party he'll never forget -- one that's suited to his personality and tastes and, of course, includes all his closest friends and fellow firefighters.


A retirement party is the perfect venue for being a little silly about work; after all, for the retiree, work is over. At the door, hand each guest a plastic red firefighter's hat with a picture of the guest of honor. Before the party, ask guests to come in a fire-related costume. You'll get some creative stuff, like white pajamas turned into a Dalmatian costume or even fire itself made out of cardboard and paper mache. You could also have guests dress up like the guest of honor. This is extra funny if he has a singular appearance that is easily caricatured -- but check beforehand that he can take a joke.


When the chief retires, it's bound to be a big bash, so you'll need a big venue. Rent the banquet room at a large restaurant or hotel. Check with his now-former colleagues to see if any would like to host the function at home. An outdoor retirement party will give you plenty of space for all the guests. Check large public parks for space availability. Or, throw open the fire station to the party. The chief may enjoy being on the job one last time with all his favorite people.


Have the chief wear a yellow slicker and pass out permanent markers to all the guests. Let everyone sign the slicker and write a personal message of congratulations. Assign a few guests to record the party. Check that every guest gets a chance to record a message to the chief. Combine the videos and give them to the chief in DVD form. Of course, if the chief is particularly good-natured, you can always roast him. Set up a stage area and let guests poke fun at him one at a time for lots of laughs.


Make a large list of questions for the chief to answer before the party, such as "Where was your first call?" Split guests into teams and play "Chief (Name) Trivia." Hold a fireman "beauty" pageant. Get all the current firefighters to don their uniforms and strut their stuff for the guests. Make it even funnier by having them showcase a "talent." If your guests like to sing, rent a karaoke machine and let each sing a stirring tribute to the outgoing chief. Check that there are plenty of songs containing "hot" or "fire" in the library.

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