Fiona Apple Trivia

by Danny Djeljosevic
Fiona Apple released her first album at age 19.

Fiona Apple released her first album at age 19.

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Fiona Apple is a singer-songwriter best known for such piano-driven pop singles as "Criminal" and "Shadowboxer" and albums like "Tidal" and "Extraordinary Machine." With singer-songwriters like Apple, there's always a story behind the music and more to know. In Apple's case, this not only includes some behind-the-scenes information about her music, but some tidbits about her upbringing and big break.

Fiona Apple's Creative Family

Fiona Apple comes from a family of performers. Born Fiona Apple Maggart, her father is actor Brandon Maggart, who played the character of Buddy on "Sesame Street" and acted in the film "The World According to Garp." Apple's mother is Diane McAfee, a Broadway singer, and Apple's sister is Maude Maggart, a Cabaret singer. Additionally, Apple's grandmother on her mother's side was stage singer and actress Millicent Green.

Apple's Early Rise to Fame

Apple's bid for stardom began in 1994, when her friend happened to babysit for a music publicist named Kathryn Schenker. Apple got her friend to pass on a three-song demo tape, which eventually fell into the hands of Andrew Slater, who produced Apple's first album, "Tidal," and got her a Sony Music contract. "Tidal" came out in 1996 when Apple was 19 and her single "Criminal" landed her an MTV Video Music Award.

When the Pawn...

Fiona Apple's second album is mostly known by its shortened title, "When the Pawn..." because its full title is incredibly long. Running at a total 90 words, the title is more of a poem that Apple performed at concerts, written in response to unflattering press coverage in magazines like "Spin." When the magazine ran a series of negative letters in reference to its "Spin" cover story about Apple, she decided to make the entire poem the title of her sophomore album.

The Two Extraordinary Machines

Essentially, there are two versions of Apple's third album, "Extraordinary Machine." Jon Brion produced the record in 2004 with Apple, but she was reportedly displeased with the results and brought on Mike Elizondo and Brian Kehew to redo the record. Somehow, MP3s of the original Brion-produced album made their way to Internet file-sharing circles anyway, while the second version of "Extraordinary Machine" officially released in stores and on iTunes in August 2005.

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