Fifth Birthday Party Games for Outdoors or Indoors

by Colby Stream
One common game played at parties is

One common game played at parties is "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."

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Pinatas are fun, but after you beat them and eat the contents you have a number of hyper children on your hands. Drain away the kids' energy at your child's fifth year birthday party by playing one or more games. Depending upon the weather, size of the group and type of game, you can play either inside or outside. If they don't work for you exactly, modify them to accommodate the children at your party.

Out of my Chair

Instruct all the children to sit on a chair in a circle, with exactly one chair per child. The birthday child should sit in the middle of the circle to start. There should not be a chair for him. The child in the circle says, "What I would like for my birthday is..." and fills in the blank with something that one of the children in the circle has with them such as sneakers or a specific color of shirt. Children with the object must get up and find a new chair, while the child in the middle also tries to find a chair. This usually leaves a new child in the middle and the process is repeated. If children consistently choose objects that only one other child has, then you may need to prompt the children about what items to say.

What's the Time?

Designate one child to be a character the children identify with, preferably in line with the theme of the party. For example, if the theme is "Western" then the character could be "Mr. Cowboy." The character stands at one end of the yard, facing away from the children at the other end of the yard. The children ask, "What time is it Mr. [character]?" and the character shouts back a time between 1:00 and 12:00. The children take those number of steps. This continues until the character shouts, "Time's up!" and chases the children. The one he catches is the next character.

Boccie Barefoot Style

Set a box on the floor, then create a throwing line away from the box at whatever distance the children can make, but will still be a challenge. Instruct each child to take off one sock and roll it up. You can label the socks if they look similar. One-by-one the children stand with one foot on the throwing line, the other foot off the floor, trying to make the sock into the box. Each time a child makes it in the box the child earns one point. The first to five (or whatever number you choose) wins.

Find Your Animal

Whisper the name of an animal into each child's ear. You should whisper the same animal to at least two different children. The children must then make the sound of their animal and try to find another person with that same animal. Offer prizes for the first pair to find each other. Make the game harder by blindfolding the children.

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