Favor Ideas for a One-Year-Old's Birthday Party

by Christine Gauvreau
Celebrate your child's first birthday with friends and family.

Celebrate your child's first birthday with friends and family.

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The first birthday is a milestone often celebrated with a big party. Because most 1-year-old children don't have their own list of friends to invite, the guest list for this party usually consists of relatives and friends of the parents. Because there may be a variety of age groups at the first birthday party, consider giving a party favor that is suitable for everyone, or give different favors to different age groups.

Edible Favors

Edible party favors are pleasing to any age group and can be tailored to fit several themes. Bake cookies or cupcakes, frost them in the colors of your party theme or add candy embellishments as decorations. Package them individually with cellophane and curling ribbon. Add a tag that reads, "Thanks for celebrating my first birthday with me." Most craft stores carry all of the supplies needed to make your own lollipops. Lollipop molds are available in several designs, including the number one, alphabet blocks and baby animals. Purchase the mold, chocolate melts, lollipop sticks, wrappers and wrapper ties. Microwave the chocolate melts, pour the melted chocolate into the molds and insert the sticks. Once the lollipops have set and cooled, wrap them, tie them and place them in a basket by the door to hand to guests as they leave. Other suggestions for edible party favors include boxes of animal crackers or candy bars with personalized wrappers.

Favors for Toddlers

Toys are always a hit with toddlers. This parting gift can even help to ease their disappointment of the party's end. Choose toys that are easy to manipulate and safe for babies and toddlers. Suggestions include building blocks, bouncing balls, plush animals and board books. Wrap these favors in pretty packaging to make young guests feel like they received a gift of their own. Toys will delight toddlers, but practical items may be more pleasing to their parents. Some products that parents of tikes can never seem to have enough of include sippy-cups, teething rings, packages of toddler-friendly snack foods and bath supplies.

Favors for Older Kids

If you have older cousins, neighbors and friends' children in attendance, you may want to have something to give them other than the toddler gifts. Coloring books, crayons, water paints, modeling clay, sidewalk chalk or goody bags filled with candy are inexpensive options to give to party guests who are preschool age or older.

Photo Favors

A photo of the birthday child makes a lovely parting gift for relatives and adult party guests. Have the photos made into magnets, mouse pads, key chains or bookmarks. Guests can fondly look upon your little one and remember the celebration whenever they use this keepsake item.

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