Father-Daughter Communication Game

by Matthew Michael
The Communication Game provides a way for fathers and daughters to share fun and in-depth conversations.

The Communication Game provides a way for fathers and daughters to share fun and in-depth conversations.

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The Communication Game is a way to bridge the gap between a father and daughter, prompting conversation whenever the two are out to eat at a restaurant. The game gives fathers and daughters discussion topics to help get the conversation going. The game is designed for fathers and their daughters who are older than 10.


The Communication Game was created in the early 2000s by Gary Burns, a divorced father, as a way to stay close with his daughter. While available to all fathers, the game's target audience is fathers who no longer live with their daughters, marketing itself as a way to fill the void left by living in separate homes. On its website, the game cites several statistics that claim that a girl who doesn't have a good relationship with her father is more likely to have problems later in life.

What's in the Box?

The game comes with 365 statement cards packaged in 26 clear packets. Each packet has a letter on it to indicate when to use it. Also included is a keepsake journal to write down your thoughts and memories as you and your daughter work your way through the game. Everything is held together in a large metallic box.

How to Play

The Communication Game is easily played and can take two full years to finish completely. Each week, take your daughter out to a restaurant for a meal and bring one packet of statement cards with you. According to the game, you must select a restaurant that either starts with or includes the letter on the statement card packet. Once at the restaurant, you and your daughter take turns filling in the blank on the statement cards, which include phrases like "The best gift I ever received was..." or, "I'll never forget the time you..." Use these starters as a way to jump-start conversations about funny stories and memorable events. Use a different statement card packet each week.

How to Purchase

The Communication Game retails for $25, plus shipping and handling, as of July 2011. It can be purchased directly from the game's website (see Resources) or from other websites, such as Amazon.com. To purchase online, you'll need a credit card or a PayPal account.

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