FAQs on the "Need for Speed: Underground 2" Game

by Peter Forsythe

Released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox game consoles in 2004, "Need for Speed: Underground 2" represented the first game in the "Need for Speed" franchise to feature free-roaming gameplay. With several different race types, playable cars and customization options, you are free to tackle the challenges of "Underground 2" however you'd like.

What's the Best Way to Score Reputation Points?

In "Need for Speed: Underground 2," winning a race is really only half the challenge. The other half consists of scoring reputation points by winning with style. There are several techniques you can employ to rack up bonus reputation points. If you're behind a car, get very close to it and let it cut down on your wind resistance. This is called drafting, and the longer you stay behind the car, the more bonus points you'll receive. Make sure to launch your car off of the game's many ramps -- the hang time will rack up bonus reputation points as well.

What are the Differences Between Race Types?

Circuit races are the most common multi-lap races. Sprint races are similar, but with just one lap. Drift races are different: it doesn't matter whether or not you finish first in these races. Instead, you must have the highest drifting score on the track. To do this, hit the brakes going into a turn to slide, then accelerate coming out of the slide to drift. Other modes include the short drag-race acceleration challenges and SUV races, where you must burn rubber in a sport utility vehicle.

How Do You Get Your Car on the Cover of In-Game Magazines?

Depending on what stage of the game you're in and your number of wins, you'll sometimes receive a message letting you know there's a magazine photographer in the area. At this point, a star will appear on your game map, and you must race over there before the time runs down. If you make it on time, you'll get to pose your car and control what kind of picture will be taken for the magazine cover. There are 20 magazine photo-ops.

How Do You Get a Higher Completion Percentage?

There are several ways to get your game completion percentage closer to 100. The obvious way is exploration: every stage in the career mode has between three and five hidden race stages, so traverse every street on the map to seek them out. You can also check your sponsor requirements to see if there are any other specific challenges to complete, or take a trip to one of the game's many body shops to mod your car and obtain a higher visual rating.

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