Family-Friendly House Party Themes

by Crystal Vogt
Disco-themed house parties can include costumes and period music.

Disco-themed house parties can include costumes and period music.

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Back in the 1950s and '60s, adults generally "partied" with adults, and children were usually instructed to play outside or go to bed early so the grownups could have adult time. Nowadays, many families with children of all different ages socialize at the same celebrations. Families may hold house parties and invite other families and neighbors with children of their own. In this case, it is important to hold a party with an appropriate theme that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.


Disco-themed party supplies are common at most party stores across the United States. These supplies may include "Afro" wigs, brightly patterned clothing, feather boas, fake disco balls and beaded curtains that can be hung in doorways. If you are holding a disco-themed party, entertain your guests with lively disco music from groups such as The Bee Gees and Earth, Wind and Fire. Encourage guests to come dressed in 1970s disco clothing, including bell bottoms and wide-lapel polyester shirts. Serve cupcakes topped with small disco ball ornaments, decorate with psychedelic posters and lava lamps, and hold a "best dancer" contest in your living room.


Throw a Hawaiian-themed party and decorate your home or backyard with tiki torches, a paper mache volcano, seashells, sand, inflatable palm trees, a surfboard, coconuts and pineapples. Motivate your guests to come in Hawaiian shirts and place brightly colored leis around their necks when they arrive at your house. Purchase "grass" hula skirts made out of green tinsel and hold a hula dancing competition in your living room. Decorate your food tables with paper Hawaiian print tablecloths and tiki-print paper plates and cups. Have ukulele music playing in the background, and take pictures of guests posing with a surfboard.


The Hollywood movie star life may seem glamorous to both children and adults, and it makes an apt house party theme. Send party invitations that each have a Hollywood star drawn on the front -- resembling the stars on Hollywood Boulevard -- and write the name of each guest in each star. Encourage guests to come dressed as favorite Hollywood stars or film characters and hold a contest in which the best dressed wins a fake "Oscar" trophy. Decorate your home with star-shaped balloons, put on a classic film in the background, and lay a strip of red carpet up your walkway to your front door so that arriving guests will feel as if they are walking a red carpet.

South of the Border

To celebrate a hot summer or to brighten a dreary and cold winter, throw a Mexican-inspired "South of the Border" fiesta. To accommodate adults and children, serve both alcoholic and "virgin" margaritas in cactus-stemmed margarita glasses. Persuade guests to wear sombreros and brightly colored, striped serapes. Play mariachi music in the background and hold games such as "Pin the Tail On the Burro" and pinata bashing. Purchase Mexican jumping beans, place a cluster of them on a plate and use as a centerpiece for a table.

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