Family Team Building Game Ideas

by Krystal Miller
Keep your family strong with team-building games.

Keep your family strong with team-building games.

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Teamwork is important in a family. When planning a family reunion or looking for activities at home, team-building games are perfect for family members of all ages. Games can maintain a strong family connection. Turn off the television, cell phones and computers for some quality family time.

Dinner Table Story Game

Play a couple of family games while gathered at the dinner table. One family member will start the game by telling three stories of things that happened to her that day. Two of the stories should be true and one of them false. Other family members must guess which story isn't true. Each player has a turn, and the family member who guesses the most incorrect stories wins. In a simplified version of this game, have each player tell a story about her day. Other diners must guess if the story is true or false.

Picture Games

Get out several photo albums or boxes of pictures. Have each family member guess what year a picture was taken. The player with the most correct guesses wins. Or, play a game of memory with pictures by making matches with old and current photos of each family member. Each family member will flip over two pictures. If they find a match, they go again. If they do not match, it skips to the next player's turn. The family member who finds the most correct matches wins.

Building Games

If you have a family of four, split into two teams of two, or pit dad against mom and child for a family of three. For a family reunion, each family is a team. Each team gets one bag of marshmallows and a bag of stick pretzels. The teams have five minutes to build the tallest standing tower using the items provided. Other items teams can use to build with include building blocks and decks of cards.

Balloon Games

Inflate a balloon and have all family members stand in a circle. Toss the balloon in the air and have everyone take turns hitting the balloon to keep it in the air. Every 15 seconds add another balloon. See how many balloons your family can keep in the air by working together. Try to beat your high score each time. For a family reunion, have each family compete to see who can keep the most balloons in the air. Split a large family into two teams to keep the number of players even.

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