Family Bridal Shower Games

by Krystal Miller
Use toilet paper to prepare funny bridal shower games.

Use toilet paper to prepare funny bridal shower games.

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Family bridal showers bring generations together and reunite family members who may be out of touch. Planning fun, clean games for the bridal shower can introduce the bride's attendants to any family members they may not have met yet. Encourage everyone to play family bridal shower games by awarding prizes like gift cards and gift baskets to all game winners.

Easy Games

Easy games get the families involved in the shower and ready to play more. Give each family bridal bingo cards. The squares should have words like "bride," "bridesmaids," "groom," "wedding rehearsal" and "wedding ring." Call out the words and have each family mark off the words on the bingo cards using candy. The first family to bingo and yell out "Wedding" wins a prize. For another easy game, fill a glass jar with pastel mints and have each family guess how many are in the jar. The family who guesses closest to the correct number wins a prize.

Funny Games

Try some funny games to get the families up on their feet and laughing. Give each family two rolls of toilet paper and have them designate a "bride." The teams have 20 minutes to design a wedding dress on the "bride" using only the toilet paper. Award prizes for the best, most creative and worst wedding dresses. For a variation, have the family make the bride-to-be a variety of wedding accessories, such as a wedding veil, necklace or bracelet, with the toilet paper.

Game Show Games

Play a game of "Family Feud" by having the families get into teams and giving a sheet of paper. Ask questions like "What is the most popular bridesmaid dress color" and "How old is the average bride?" Do an Internet search and tally top results. The family must write down a number guess for each question. The family who guesses closest to the correct number earns 10 points for that question. The family with the most points wins the game. Create a game of "The Price is Right" by printing pictures of items and asking the families to guess the price. Award points for the closest answers, and the family who has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Memory Games

Place several wedding-related items on a large tray. Some item examples include a wedding ring, flower, corsage and a garter. Bring the tray in the room and have the families look at the items. Take the tray out of the room and tell them to write down as many items as they can remember. The family who remembers the most items wins a prize. For a variation, remove an item from the tray when you take it out of the room. Bring the tray back in and the first family to tell you what item is missing from the tray wins a small prize.

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