Fall Party Crafts & Games for 4th Grade

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The telltale sign of fall is the leaf colors in the trees.

The telltale sign of fall is the leaf colors in the trees.

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Fall means cider and the beginning of a traditional holiday season full of good food and celebrations. The season is colored by rich earth tones of orange, yellow and red. Several fall party crafts for fourth graders make wonderful gifts and keepsakes for families. You can make the crafts one-day or two-day projects to accommodate the whole class. As the students make the crafts, play a game or two to help the kids learn about the season and the fall holidays.

Leaf Window Decorations

Provide a selection of leaves, in various colors, for the kids to use in a leaf window decoration. Review lessons about why the leaves change color. Quiz the kids about the lesson and reward correct answers by letting the student pick out his favorite leaf. Pass out sheets of wax paper and show the kids how to place the leaves into decorative patterns. For added interest, select some crayons that are fall colors and shave them with a grater over the wax paper and leaves. Top the leaf and crayon collage with another sheet of wax paper and place them between the folds of a towel. Iron the top of the towel to bond the sheets together. Hang the decorations in the classroom windows.

Pumpkin Games

Pumpkins just lend themselves to the world of games simply because of the shape. Round orange balls and a built-in handle work well for a ring toss or pumpkin roll. Have the kids try to ring a large pumpkin with a hula hoop. Substitute a scarecrow for the pumpkin, if you wish. Another fall festival game is a bean bag toss using a carved pumpkin. Set the pumpkin on a tall table and let the kids toss bean bags to earn points for prizes. Award one point if the bean bag lands on the pumpkin, two points if it goes into the top of the pumpkin, and three points if the bean bag goes into the mouth of the pumpkin.


Reuse newspaper and paper bags to form cornucopia cones. Allow the students to paint the cornucopias with brown or gold paint. Fill the horns with thanksgiving thought rings. Have children make the thought rings by cutting strips of construction paper and gluing the ends together. Before the kids glue the ends, have each student write things they are thankful for on the strips of paper. Run a piece of yarn through each ring to keep them together so they are not lost on the way home.

Eating Contests

Kids love to eat and fall parties give you the opportunity to eat lots of goodies like powdered doughnuts and apples. A fun treat and game for the kids involves hanging a doughnut and an apple from strings. The first student to successfully eat the apple and the doughnut, without using his hands, wins the game. You can divide the group into three or four teams and allow each team to pick their representative. The winning team gets the bag of apples to share among themselves. Share the doughnuts with the whole class.

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