Fall Harvest Party Games for Young Children

by Krystal Miller

Celebrate the autumn season with children by planning a fall harvest party. Host a harvest party at school, a church gathering or at home and include a variety of fall-themed games for the children to play. Create games that are simple and easy for young children. Incorporating the sights of the fall season into games will create a memorable and fun atmosphere for children.

Tossing Games

Scatter harvest-related items, such as plush turkeys, Indian corn and miniature pumpkins, on a large sheet. Have the children take turns tossing plastic rings onto the harvest items. Award a small prize for each item a child rings. For another tossing game, carve pumpkins and have the young children try to toss pumpkin seeds into the pumpkins.

Relay Races

Mark a starting line and a run-to line 20 feet apart. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up at the starting line. Give the first child in each team line a pumpkin. When you say "Go," the first two players in line must roll the pumpkin to the run-to line and pick it up to run it back to the starting line. He must hand the pumpkin off to the next child, who must do the same thing. The first team to complete the race wins the game. To make the game more difficult, use gourds instead of pumpkins.

Hunt Games

Fill two large plastic swimming pools with loose hay. Hide several plastic toy turkeys in the hay and select two players. The players must dig though the hay to try to find the turkeys. The first player to find three turkeys wins a prize. For another hunt game, hide the turkeys all over the party area. Give each player a small paper sack and have her hunt for turkeys. The player who finds the most turkeys wins the game. For added fun, mark a star on a couple of the turkeys and the players who find these turkeys also win a prize.

Individual Games

Give each player a pumpkin and have him stand at a marked line. When you say "Roll," he must roll the pumpkin as far as he can. Mark how far he rolls the pumpkin and allow each player to do the same thing. The player who rolls the pumpkin the farthest distance wins the game. For another individual game, play pumpkin bowling. Place 10 empty bottles or cans in the shape of a pyramid on the ground, like bowling pins. Have the children roll the pumpkins to try to knock down the pins. The player who knocks down the most pins wins the game. To make both games more difficult, have the children use gourds instead of pumpkins.

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