Fall Crafts for Kids Ages 6-8

by Krystal Miller

Mother Nature provides most items needed for children to make fall crafts. If you are looking for something to keep a group of 6- to 8-year-old children busy during the fall season, prepare some crafts using fall items they can find outdoors. Take advantage of autumn items like pumpkins and fall leaves by having the children show off their creativity using these items to make fall crafts.

Pumpkin Crafts

For an easy pumpkin craft for the children, give them each a miniature pumpkin to decorate. They can use markers, crayons or paint to decorate the pumpkins. Have them make a glitter pumpkin by covering the pumpkin with glue and sprinkling glitter all over it. Let the children use markers to color pumpkin seeds orange and green. Print coloring pages of pumpkins from the Internet. The children can glue the colored pumpkin seeds into the pumpkin coloring page to create a pumpkin seed picture.

Fall Leaf Crafts

The children can make fall leaf crafts using real fall leaves. Have them glue the leaves to a polystyrene foam ring (covering the entire ring) to make a fall leaf wreath. They can also peel the paper off crayons and place the leaves under a sheet of paper. Tell them to use brown, orange, red and yellow crayons to make leaf rubbings by rubbing the crayon (on its side) on top of the paper, over the leaves. Preserve the fall leaves and give the children a closer look by pressing the leaves in between two pieces of clear contact paper.

Indian Corn Crafts

Indian corn is a well-known fall item that children can use as an idea for crafts. Ask the children to cut a corn cob shape out of green and yellow construction paper. They can use brown, yellow, red and orange buttons to glue onto the corncob to resemble Indian corn. Other ideas include using tissue paper, pony beads and sequins to glue on the cob.

Scarecrow Crafts

Children can make a basic scarecrow using construction paper and paper plates. Print pictures of scarecrows to give the children to use as a guide. Make a real scarecrow by having the children work together to stuff small towels and straw into an old pair of pants, a plaid button up shirt and boots. The children can use a Styrofoam wig head to create the head and markers to decorate the face. For more of a fall look, tell the children to use a real pumpkin to create the scarecrow's head. Add a hat and some straw to finish the scarecrow.

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