Fairytale Birthday Party Themes

by Erin Ringwald
Use your favorite fairytale to inspire your next birthday celebration.

Use your favorite fairytale to inspire your next birthday celebration.

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who wanted a special birthday party theme. If your little prince or princess is dreaming of a fairytale party, use your child's favorite fairytale or a collection of different stories to create a perfect birthday party theme. Find inspiration for the party in a classic story or a modern twist.


When designing an invitation for a fairytale party, use iconic imagery from some classic tales to draw inspiration. For example, use the apple from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the glass shoe from "Cinderella" or the picnic basket from "Little Red Riding Hood". Use a cookie cutter in the shape of your chosen inspiration and trace the cookie cutter shape onto a piece of colored card stock. Cut the shape out using scissors and write the party details on the back of the card. Add a little glitter to the invitations envelope before mailing to add a little magic when opened by the guest.


Add a little fairytale magic to the party venue using decorations. To invoke a specific fairytale, pull images from the story as you did for the invitations. For example, for "Cinderella," make a clock out of poster board with the hands pointing to midnight or place a pumpkin in the room. For "Snow White," draw woodland creatures on poster board and hang them up on the walls or hang a large mirror in a gold frame on the wall. Alternatively, use more generic imagery, such as plastic crowns, around the room. Use rich fabrics, such as purple velvet, to cover the food table. Sprinkle glitter around the room or hang twinkling lights to invoke the image of fairies.


Let the guests make their own fairytale-inspired accessories. Purchase plastic or foam crowns from the local craft store. Give the guests craft glue, glitter, makers, ribbons and plastic gemstones to decorate their own prince and princess crowns. Alternatively, give them foam or plastic shields to decorate to become knights. Play a game of pin the tail on the donkey centered on the guest of honor's favorite fairytale. For example, if your daughter loves the "The Frog Prince," hang up a large picture of a frog. Place lipstick on the guests, blindfold them and spin them around. Then, have the guests try to kiss the frog on the lips. The closest player wins. Because lipstick might end up on the walls, cover the wall with a tarp or trash bag first.


To create a pumpkin cake to represent "Cinderella," bake a cake in fluted cake pan. Once the cake cools, frost it with orange frosting. Place a green ice cream cone upside down over the hole in the center of the cake for the pumpkin's stem. Make mice by dipping maraschino cherries with the stems on in chocolate. Press a chocolate kiss to the side of the cherry opposite the stem. Insert two slivered almonds in between the cherry and chocolate kiss. Place the mice on or around the cake. Or, create a more generic fairytale cake using a sheet cake. Frost the baked cake with green frosting. Place upside down pointed ice cream cones on the cake and frost them green to make trees. Then place plastic toys to represent the characters from a fairytale on the cake, such as a prince and princess, a witch, a knight or a dragon.

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