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African-American Cultural Festivals in Raleigh, North Carolina

The African American Cultural Festival of Raleigh and Wake County takes place during Labor Day weekend in the City Plaza and Charter Square in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The festival partners with the City of Raleigh and Wake County to encourage visitors to explore downtown Raleigh. The purpose of the festival was to create "a major festival that would become a major tourist destination event," according to the festival website. Visitors can enjoy music, history, crafts, food and art.

Afro Punk Festival

What people might not know about Brooklyn, New York's annual Afro Punk Festival is that it doesn't just showcase the burgeoning punk rock scene among black musicians and fans. It also presents, on stage, a way of viewing the world. The annual festival began in 2004 via the efforts of black rocker James Spooner and his business partner, Matthew Morgan.

The Allardt Pumpkin Festival in Tennessee

The mission of the Allardt Pumpkin Festival is "to provide a weekend of family fun and entertainment, as well as appreciation for giant pumpkins and other vegetables." The Allardt Pumpkin Festival is held on the first weekend of October every year in Allardt, Tennessee. A variety of events and family fun await anyone who wants to visit the festival.

Amateur Film Festivals

Whereas many film festivals cater to big-budget movies or films by acclaimed directors that win the hearts of critics, another breed of film festival presents movies made by aspiring filmmakers with scarcely a dollar behind them. These amateur films are low-budget affairs, made more for love of the medium than for any business purpose -- but, nonetheless, they may still be impressive in their own way and can help up-and-coming actors and directors get noticed.

Amateur Playwright Festivals

A novelist submitting his work to publisher after publisher in hopes of being discovered faces a daunting task, with only a small likelihood of a payoff. A playwright, on the other hand, may find it somewhat easier to find an audience for his work. Schools, churches and community theaters everywhere regularly present plays. Someone has to supply the material. Amateur playwright festivals are a common and popular way for playwrights to gain exposure and experience and for producers of plays to find new talent.

Annual Crab Festival of Port Angeles, Washington

Port Angeles, Washington, a small oceanfront town in the Pacific Northwest, is home to the annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival. The celebration has been taking place every October since 2001 and is free to visit, though the seafood delicacies on hand do cost money. However, given the quality of the fresh, locally harvested seafood on offer, visitors will find it a worthwhile expense.

The Apple Butter Festival in West Virginia

Since 1973, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, has hosted an Apple Butter festival each year on Columbus Day weekend. The festival's purpose is to celebrate the sweet-tasting butter that's made from apples plucked from nearby orchards. But the festival also offers activities for the community and visitors to partake in. Food, vendors and live entertainment combine to make for a two-day event that's steeped in local tradition.

The Apple Festival in Adams County, Pennsylvania

Adams County, Pa., is famous for its apples. With more than 20,000 acres of fruit orchards, Adams County is sometimes called "Apple Country, USA." It is home to the Apple Blossom Festival each spring and the National Apple Harvest Festival each fall, as well as the National Apple Museum.

Arkansas Frontier Day Festivals

In 1836, Arkansas became the 25th state in the Union. At that time, farming was the main livelihood in the state. Arkansas' Frontier Day festivals take visitors back to what life was like in 19th century Arkansas by celebrating the state's history in farming and introducing visitors to clothing and activities common to the time period.

The Art & Craft Festival in Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope, Alabama is on Mobile Bay of the Gulf Coast, approximately 25 minutes from Mobile. Every year since 1952, the town has celebrated the Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival marks the beginning of spring, and was voted in the top 20 out of 100 Best Predominately Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows in the country by "Sunshine Artist" magazine in 2010.

The Ash Lawn Opera Festival

The Ash Lawn Opera Festival (ashlawnopera.org) is a nationally recognized nine-week-long summer music festival located in Charlottesville, Va. Festival events include Music at Twilight, Summer Saturdays that feature family entertainment, and a five-concert series of classical and contemporary music. In 2009, the opera festival relocated from Ash Lawn-Highland to The Paramount Theater.

Atlanta Chili Festival

Every fall since 1979, tens of thousands of chili lovers flock to Atlanta to attend the Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off. Over 300 teams now attend the event to show off their chili-making prowess in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. So taste some delicious chili, listen to live music and take part in an Atlantan tradition.

Atlanta Gospel Festival

The Atlanta Gospel Fest Music and Healthcare Festival takes place over a three-day period during the summer in downtown Atlanta. The festival combines musical concerts, spiritual and leadership conferences, networking and town hall meetings under one roof. According to its website the event, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center, has seen tremendous growth.

Atlanta Shamrock Festival

Not to be confused with Washington, D.C.'s, giant music festival of the same name, Atlanta's Shamrock Fest is a somewhat smaller affair, though, still chock full of music, brews and green top hats. Atlanta's annual festival takes place at Park Tavern each year, thrown by self-proclaimed social club A Social Mess and attracting a large chunk of Atlanta's party-going crowd.

Avocado Festivals

Avocados are tropical fruit native to Central America; however, the United States is the world's largest commercial producer. Since avocados require a warm growing climate, Southern California is the country's main growing region, producing up to 80 percent of domestic avocados, followed by southern Florida, Texas and Hawaii. In order to celebrate the annual harvest of the fruit, numerous locations host avocado festivals.

Aztec Fire Festival

The ancient Aztecs, whose population centered around modern-day Mexico City, developed a keen sense of the Earth's interstellar place, properly devising a calendar with 365 days, grouped into cycles of 52 years -- the same number of weeks within each year. At the culmination of each 52-year cycle, a grisly but symbolic New Fire ceremony was conducted to join the old cycle to the new.

Ballet Festivals in Miami, Florida

The International Ballet Festival of Miami (IBFM), established in 1995 by renowned dancer and choreographer Pedro Pablo Peña, offers ballet performances, dance films, workshops, art exhibits and master classes. Held annually over a three week period in September, the festival events are showcased at venues throughout Miami Beach and the city of Miami. The festival draws both dance troupes and patrons, numbering in the thousands, from all over the world.

Bam Bam Festival in Sargent, Texas

The community of Sargent Texas, located in Matagorda County, hosts the Bam Bam Jamboree every May. The festival, now called the First Sargent Freedom Fest, includes games, musical entertainment, arts and crafts and a variety of foods for attendees. Proceeds from the festival benefit local charitable and community organizations. Volunteers from the community host the event, which was founded in 2003.

The Bastille Day Festival in Kaplan, Louisiana

The United States' Louisiana Purchase of 1803 enabled the American government to control the trade access to the port of New Orleans. The French controlled the region before the purchase and the area that became the state of Louisiana maintained its French character, including a large French-speaking population. Kaplan, Louisiana encourages visitors to explore the state's French heritage with a lively and vibrant yearly Bastille Day festival.