Face Painting Spiders for Halloween

by Kent Page McGroarty
Images of real spiders can provide artistic inspiration.

Images of real spiders can provide artistic inspiration.

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Whether you plan to turn your entire face into Spider-Man's famous mask or draw a huge spider shape around your nose and eyes, there are many possibilities for face painting spiders for Halloween. Use spider face painting as part of a spider costume or create intricate webbing and spider designs as a body paint masquerade mask.


One option for face painting spiders on Halloween is to re-create the look of Marvel comic book hero Spider-Man. Paint the entire face red, except for a 2-inch area around both eyes, then fill in that eye area with white face paint. Use black face paint to create a web image over the entire face. Think of your basic block web pattern when drawing the webs, though feel free to get creative with your webbing and other face paint designs, such as drawing a black spider between the eyes.

Black Spider Shape

Paint a huge black spider on the face using the nose and surrounding areas for the spider body. Create a spider shape with black face paint starting with the spider head between the eyes, then curve the outline out over the cheeks and under the nose. Fill in the entire outline with black paint, which includes painting the nose completely black. Paint the eyes and antennae on the head area and paint four legs on each side of the face, going up on the forehead and down across the cheeks.

Spider Eye Design

Sweep purple or other vividly colored eyeshadow over the eyelids, as well as over the entire brow bone and in between the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Paint a small spider image in between the eyes with black paint, but fill in the spider body with purple face paint. Use black face paint or a black eye pencil to create intricate webbing springing from the spider legs up around the forehead, down the nose and around the temples.

Spider With Spider Web Cheek Design

Paint a white spider web on one cheek with white face paint; the web should cover the entire cheek. Use black face paint to create a small black spider in one corner of the web or any other spot on the web that you prefer. Another option is to create a hanging spider below the web. Use additional paints, if you wish, to color the spider body, such as brown shades to mimic real spiders or bright colors to mimic the spider that bites Peter Parker in "Spider-Man."

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