Fabulous Summer Party Invitation Ideas

by Taylor DiVico
Set the party mood with your invitation.

Set the party mood with your invitation.

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Sending the right invitation makes the difference between prompting guest anticipation versus indifference toward attending your gathering. Fabulous summer party invitations set the initial vibe for your event, so attendees know what to expect and can look forward to an entertaining time that promises to outdo the typical warm-weather soiree. If you find yourself wanting to step out and throw a bash that your friends will remember, entice them with a fun and colorful invitation to get the party started. Create personalized invitations at home using pre-formatted word processing templates and card stock.


Create a luau-themed invitation. Outline the border with images or stickers of Hawaiian decor such as tropical flowers, palm trees or tiki heads. Choose a center design like a hula girl, surfboard or beach scene in which to type event information. Write a heading that describes the type of party, such as "Come Join Us for a Luau" or "It's a Luau Birthday." Include the date, time and place information within the center design. Get creative with place, by writing "The Jones' Tropical Paradise" or "The Jones' Backyard Beach," followed by the address of the event site. Refer to the host as "Your Favorite Hula Girl" or "Your Favorite Surfer Dude" followed by the host's name. Note whether kids are welcome by saying "Get your babysitter on board for the night" or "Bring your little surfers along."

Summer Cocktail Party

Throw a cocktail party for your friends and invite them with a heading that states, "Come Waste Away in Margaritaville," "Join Us for Tropical Cocktails" or, "It's Cocktails and Dreams." Design the invitation with images of various drinks along the border and one large colorful cocktail in the center of the invitation. Write your event information inside the center cocktail image. Refer to the host as "Your Favorite Bartender" or "The Magical Mixologist," followed by the host's name. Include time, date and RSVP information. Request that attendees bring liquor by typing, "Bring your favorite bottle" or, "BYOB." If there is no need for guests to bring alcohol, say, "My liquor cabinet is already full."

Bonfire Barbecue

Invite your guests to a nighttime bonfire and barbecue party. Use black or dark blue card stock and adorn it with white or yellow star stickers or images. Upload an image of a bonfire for the center picture. Type a greeting that states, "Let's Roast Some Marshmallows," "It's a Family Bonfire Barbecue" or, "Bonfire, Beer and Barbecue." Write the party and RSVP information in white font above or within the bonfire flames so it stands out. Include information on whether guests should bring food or beverages by saying "Bring yourself and nothing else" or "Bring your favorite grub."

Beach/Pool Party

Request people attend your pool or beach party on a water-themed invitation with a heading such as, "Get Your Swimsuits Ready" or, "Let's Make a Splash." Design the invitation with images of bikinis, swim trunks and floating devices. Write the event and RSVP information within waves, pool water, sand or a large, centered bathing suit. Include a rain date to account for weather variants. Mention whether you are serving food by saying, "Will break for food and drinks" or, "Pack a picnic lunch."

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