Expensive Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Kate Bradley
Get your child the best entertainment money can buy.

Get your child the best entertainment money can buy.

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Pinching pennies is no fun, especially when it comes to throwing an awesome kid's birthday party. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to birthday parties, the more you spend, the more memorable the party will be. Throw caution to the wind this year and give your special kid an expensive, exciting birthday party.

Outdoor Parties

Gather the guest of honor and her guests and take them on an overnight camping trip. Before the trip, buy several large, spacious tents, plenty of pillows and blankets, lots of snacks and candy, and a large projector and screen. Build a bonfire, roast marshmallows and bring several DVDs. Treat the kids to an outdoor theater experience. If your child loves the water, reserve an entire water park for her and her friends on her birthday. Negotiate a flat rate with the park so that kids can eat and drink as much as they like. Give each child a $20 gift card to the park's souvenir shop. In the evening, when the kids are exhausted, set off fireworks and have the birthday girl open her gifts.

Out and About

Reserve a sky box during the playoffs at a professional sports stadium for your birthday boy and his friends. Have the box catered with whatever the guests want. Arrange for them to go behind the scenes after the game, meet the players and tour the stadium. Pay the local skating rink to close to the public for the night and hold the birthday party there. Pay for each guest to rent skates and enjoy refreshments. Hire other entertainment as well, such as a clown, fortune teller, inflatable slide and carnival games. Older kids might even enjoy turning this party into a lock-in, with a whole night of friends and fun.

Destination Parties

Who says you have to stay near home for your child's birthday party? Rent a limousine and go by each guest's house to pick her up. Take all the guests and the birthday girl to the beach for an overnight trip. During the day, pay for surfing lessons and floats. In the evening, treat the guests to dinner and shopping or a few hours at an arcade before heading back to their rented condo. Let guests stay up as late as they wish and remember to stock the house with snacks, drinks and plenty of entertainment. Ask your child where she's always wanted to go and make her dream come true. Pay for her and several friends to fly to California and visit Disneyland or to New York City and take in the sights. Treat the party-goers to a few days of meals and any attractions they like. On her actual birthday, take her and the guests to a posh dinner out.

Parties at Home

You can give your child the birthday party of his dreams without ever leaving home. If he's into baseball, for example, pay a former -- but famous -- major-leaguer to stop by the party, take pictures and provide pointers. Line your floors with fake grass, move all the furniture out, put down "bases" and turn your home into a baseball field. Give him the best possible gifts; for example, season tickets to his favorite team's games, dugout passes, batting lessons with a professional, and an entirely new collection of baseball gear, including practice clothes. For a little lady's party, give her and her friends the royal treatment. Tell the guests to bring pajamas. Pay a team of manicurists, hair stylists and makeup artists to give the guests a full afternoon of beauty and pampering. Afterward, order whatever takeout they want and let them have a sleepover. Provide refreshments and plenty of movies and games.

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