Exercises to See Auras

by Katrina Arthurs
Practicing on small objects will help develop the ability to see auras.

Practicing on small objects will help develop the ability to see auras.

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Auras are believed to be electromagnetic energy fields that surround every living thing. These energy fields permeate through the body at various densities, extending out approximately 2 to 3 feet in an oval shape. Those who can see auras believe the colors are representative of an individual's thoughts and emotions, or are an indication of the health and well-being of that person. By performing exercises to see auras, it is believed, an individual can learn to recognize and manipulate energy fields to obtain better health and stability.

Seeing Auras

Parapsychology and New Age religions suggest that meditating at least 10 minutes a day will help to develop the skills required to see auras. Auras are said to only be seen through peripheral vision, and can be viewed by looking slightly to the side of your subject and pulling your center of awareness toward the center of your head. In the beginning, only white or shades of gray may be seen. With continued practice, you may begin to see swirling colors around your subject.

Tree Auras

Select a tree with the sky in the background. Focus on the trunk of the tree until your eyes become relaxed, then shift your focus to the sky while keeping attention on the outline of the tree. Stay relaxed and allow your vision to blur slightly if needed. An expanded white glow may begin to appear around the perimeter of the tree. Energy streaks similar to those around the sun during an eclipse may start to emanate outward from the tree. This exercise is best performed during dawn and twilight hours.

Finger Energy

The “Energy Tendril” exercise is best performed during the twilight hours with the sky in the background. Find a comfortable position to sit in, relax your breathing and allow your eyes to soften. With the sky in the background, bring your hands up in front of you and touch the tips of your index fingers together. Slowly separate your fingers about an inch. Focus on the space created. While keeping your focus on the space between your fingers, slowly move your fingers up and down in counterpoint. You may begin to see energy tendrils emanating in the space between your fingers. If so, practice manipulating the tendrils by moving your fingers in circles or touching the tips of all your fingers. Also practice suspending the tendril between your hands by holding them up with your palms facing each other.

High Five

Sit comfortably outside during the dawn or twilight hours. Hold your hand up in front you about a foot away from your nose with your palm facing out. With the sky as a background, stretch your fingers out in a “high-five.” Relax your breathing and allow your eyes to soften. Focus on the sky beyond while keeping the outline of your head in your peripheral vision. A white halo may begin to appear emanating from your hand. In the beginning, it may only appear thin and faint, but with practice, you may begin to see more width and depth.

Color Meanings

The colors of the aura are believed to generate from invisible energy centers called chakra. Red represents the physical body and indicates deep feelings of love, lust, anger or resentment. Orange represents emotions and feelings of courage, confidence, inspiration, power, control and manipulation. Yellow represents life energy and indicates feelings of freedom, contentment, generosity and inner joy. Green represents the heart and indicates a peacefulness and concern for others. Blue represents the throat and clarity and truthfulness in communication. Indigo represents the third-eye (pineal gland) and indicates a higher state of enlightenment. Purple represents the crown and an individual's self awareness and white represents the spiritual self.

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