Exciting Bridal Shower Games

by Asha Kalyani
Bridal showers are a time to give gifts and have fun with the bride-to-be.

Bridal showers are a time to give gifts and have fun with the bride-to-be.

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A bridal shower is the perfect time not only to give gifts to a couple about to get married, but also to have a great time with the bride-to-be. Nothing makes a bridal shower more fun than some exciting games. Here are a few unique ideas to get you started as you plan a creative bridal shower for your friend.

Twist a Ribbon

To help guests get to know one another, start off with a fun icebreaker game. As guests arrive, hand them an attractive spool of gift ribbon and tell them to cut off "as much as you need." If they ask you "Need for what?" just smile. Chances are they'll cut off a long piece just to be safe! When everyone has arrived, and you're ready to start the party, tell each woman she must introduce herself and continue to talk about fun memories she has of her friendship with the bride, and must continue talking until she has wrapped the whole length of the ribbon around her finger. This is a great way to get guests talking and help everyone get to know each other and their varied connections to the bride.

Toilet Paper Gown Contest

This game is a winner if you have a lot of ladies at your party, especially if they are interested in fashion. You only need one supply for this game: white toilet paper. Plan on at least one roll of toilet paper per guest. Before starting the game, divide the guests into teams of four. Instruct three of the team members to create the perfect toilet paper wedding gown for one team member who will be the dress model. After all the teams have finished their look (give them twenty minutes at most), let the bride vote on the dresses and hand out prizes for: her favorite dress, the most creative dress and the most realistic looking dress.

Memory Mix-Up

This memory game includes an unexpected twist. Hand out pens and small pieces of paper, but instruct guests not to start writing right away. Have one bridesmaid carry a tray covered with bridal goodies (earrings, lipstick, garter, breath mints, etc.) past the guests and tell the guests to mentally note everything they can. Once the bridesmaid carrying the tray has left the room, have the guests write down everything they can remember seeing on the tray. But tell them that they also get a point for each item they correctly note the bridesmaid as wearing (including any jewelry items). Whoever has the longest and most accurate list wins the prize. Give a special prize to the guest who noticed the most items being worn by the bridesmaid carrying the tray.

What Did He Say?

For a game that focuses more on the bride and groom, and lets guests get an inside look at their relationship, try interviewing the groom ahead of time. Ask him questions like, "What is your first memory of [the bride]?" or "What is one of your favorite things she does for you?" You can also ask questions about what he thinks about her opinions: "What is her idea of a romantic evening?" or "What is her favorite food?" At the bridal shower, tell the bride that she must answer the same questions as she thinks the groom would have answered them. Every time she gets one wrong, give her a piece of gum to chew. Remember: the goal is not for her to answer the questions, but to guess how the groom would have answered them. This is a fun, and often funny, way to get to know both the bride and groom a little better.

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