Exciting Adult Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Adults can have fun playing entertaining party games at their next gathering.

Adults can have fun playing entertaining party games at their next gathering.

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Party games are not just for children. Many adults enjoy having parties and gatherings with friends. Whether is a birthday party or a friendly gathering, prepare a variety of games that will get everyone in on the excitement. Encourage the adults to play along and try their best by awarding gift cards, small electronics and home decorations to game winners.

Paper Games

For a simple paper game, divide the adults into two teams and give each player a sheet of paper. Call out a category, such as "Things found at the beach" or "Expensive brands of clothes." The adults must each write down 10 names for each category. If a team has three words in common in a category, they earn three points. If they have four words, they earn four points and so on. The team with the most points wins the game. Players cannot look at others' papers while guessing. For a variation, play the game individually. Set a time limit and the player who can come up with the most words for a certain category wins the game.

Funny Games

Have each adult select a partner. Give each team a plastic spoon and whipped cream. One player must put the whipped cream on his partner's face like he is shaving. When you say "Go," the partners must use the plastic spoons to "shave" the whipped cream off their partners' faces. The first team to get all the whipped cream "shaved" off wins the game. Another variation is to give each adult an inflated balloon covered in shaving cream and a razor blade. The first adult to shave all the shaving cream off the balloon without popping it wins the game. If a player pops his balloon, he is out of the game.

Drinking Games

Adults can play a drinking game of "I have never" by having everyone sit around a table. Select one adult to go first. She must say something she has never done like "I have never been to the beach." Anyone who has been to the beach must take a drink. For another game, write each adult's name on a plastic cup and place the cups on a table. Place a larger cup in the middle of the table. Players will take turns trying to toss a ping-pong ball into the cups. If a ball lands in a cup, that player must take a drink. If the ball lands in the large cup, everyone must take a drink.

Other Games

Other games include a cap game and music trivia contest. Tie a string to a baseball cap and tie the other end of the string to a long wooden dowel. Make two of these and give one to two players. The players must flick the wood dowel in the air and try to land the hat on her head. The first player who does this wins the game. For music trivia, play a part of any popular song and have the adults guess the next five words of the song. For a variation, give each adult a sheet of paper and play several songs. The adult who identifies the most songs wins the game.

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