Excellent Sweet-16 Party Themes

by Lauren Griffin
Pick the perfect theme for a sweet sixteen.

Pick the perfect theme for a sweet sixteen.

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A sixteenth birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is a special occasion for many teenage girls. In honor of the event, girls often celebrate with a sweet-sixteen birthday party. There are many party themes that promise a great time and a memorable event for the 16-year-old and her friends.

Hollywood Premiere

Make the teenager feel like a celebrity with a Hollywood-themed sweet-sixteen party. Partygoers will feel like stars, dressed in suits and gowns as they walk the red carpet into the party. For the full effect, have parents and friends snap photos of the birthday girl as she enters the party. Inside, hang dazzling string lights, glittery balloons and other shiny decorations for an over-the-top look. Partygoers can pose for their picture in front of a large, white Hollywood sign.

Dance Party

Turn up the music for a high-energy dance party. Set the scene by clearing out some space to make a dance floor. With the lights down low and some special effects like strobe lights, a fog machine and flashing colorful lights, any room can capture the excitement of a night club in the big city. Before the party, let the birthday girl pick some of her favorite tunes. Hire a DJ or make a playlist and let her and her friends spend the night on the dance floor.


It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a summer evening than by the poolside. Celebrate her sweet sixteenth with a tropical themed birthday bash. Greet guests with colorful leis and hula skirts. Guests can cool down by splashing in the pool or can soak up some rays and socialize on the deck. For food, serve freshly grilled barbecue fare, like hot dogs and burgers. Guests will feel like they're in the tropics with colorful and tasty mocktails, like virgin piña coladas or strawberry smoothies.

Pretty in Pink

Celebrate her sweet sixteen with a party inspired by her favorite color, such as pink. Decorate the venue in tons of pink -- pink fabric on the walls and pink tulle hanging from the ceiling easily transform any room to a pink paradise. Pink balloons, streamers, tablecloths and flowers add even more pink to the room. For food and beverages, serve up a variety of pink sweets, such as pink frosted cupcakes, pink macaroons and pink lemonade.

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