Excellent House Party Ideas

by Barbie Carpenter
Invite your pals over for a themed house party.

Invite your pals over for a themed house party.

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Not every party requires a fancy or expensive venue. Often, the most comfortable place to celebrate with friends and family is in your home. A house party can take on many forms -- in fact, your imagination is your only obstacle when planning your event. Use your space wisely, and come up with an original idea for your next house party.

Event-Focused Party

If you and your friends share an interest in a sports team or event, then host a house party that revolves around that event. For example, a big college football game between intrastate rivals can serve as the entertainment for your backyard tailgate party. If you love film, invite your friends over for an Academy Awards party. This house party doesn't require much -- some thematic decorations and a well-placed television will keep guests entertained.

Open House

You might not have the space in your house for a formal dinner party, but that doesn't mean you can't throw a festive house party. Choose an open house format, which maximizes space in your home. Set up a few separate stations with easy-to-eat foods like dips and finger foods. Serve some cocktails if you're hosting an adult-focused event. Guests will appreciate the flexibility of the open house -- they can come and go as they please and mingle throughout your home.

Holiday Party

Your house works well as the ultimate holiday party venue. Rather than dealing with expensive cover charges, crowds and cabs on big holidays such as New Year's Eve, you can host a party in your home instead. If you're afraid your guests will feel like losers "staying in" on such a big night, transform your house into the ultimate nightclub. Ask guests to come in their holiday finest, and hire a bartender to serve your guests their favorite libation.

Backyard Bash

If you have a good space for entertaining outdoors, take advantage of it -- fire up the grill for a backyard bash. This house party idea is a relaxed way to enjoy your family and friends. Keep your guests entertained in a number of ways. Turn up your favorite tunes on your portable MP3 player. Set up a few outdoor games -- badminton, volleyball or croquet entertains crowds of all ages.

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