Example of 50th Birthday Party Flyers

by Kent Page McGroarty
Ensure the person's 50th birthday is a success by making flyers.

Ensure the person's 50th birthday is a success by making flyers.

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Help make a friend's, family member's, spouse's or entertainer's 50th birthday bash a success by designing flyers that will catch the eyes of party goers. Flyers should be attention-grabbing, but are not busy with too much information. Place the flyers in appropriate venues or around the person's job site.

Joke Flyers

Funny flyer ideas for a 50th birthday party include images of a Crypt Keeper or Death Incarnate holding up a sign with the information for the person's 50th birthday celebration. Drawings of the person with "one foot in the grave" is another option. Or, try a sketch of a 50th birthday cake that has collapsed from the weight of the candles. A photo of a pile of dirt with the party information written on the dirt mound is another idea as the birthday honoree is now "older than dirt."

Collage Flyers

Scan images of people and events from the year the person was born to use as a birthday flyer. Photos can include the person's favorite actors, bands, athletes, singers, movies, toys and other gadgets from his birth year and childhood, as well as images of major world events that occurred during his birth year. Use thought bubbles around the various images to display the necessary information.

Photo Flyers

One or more images of the person whose birthday is being celebrated is another 50th birthday flyer option. Scan one good photo of the person and scatter party information around the image. Or, use numerous photos of the birthday boy. Ideas include incorporating photos from the person's childhood, teen years and young adult through today; a collection of humorous photos of the person; or images of the person through certain major events, such as graduations, marriage, career milestones and children.

Template Flyers

Create flyers using assorted birthday flyer templates, such as balloon backgrounds or borders, cake images with party information written inside the cake, spray paint-like templates with the party information "bursting forth" out of the paint and cartoon images, including cartoon versions of the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Or, print templates in the shape of animals or party favors, such as balloons or cakes.

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