The Evolution of Lady Gaga

by Brian Vaughan

Dance and pop singer Lady Gaga became widely known in the music world following the release of her debut album in 2008, though her success took time to accomplish. Lady Gaga's career grew and changed as she tried to make it in the music scene. Her start came primarily as a writer before she became a platinum-selling recording artist.

Early Life and Career

Lady Gaga's real name is actually Stefani Germanotta. She was born in New York in 1986 and pursued music from a very early age. Germanotta began to construct her own songs while attending Catholic school as a teenager. Once she got out of high school, she decided she wanted to continue with her passion for music and decided on Lady Gaga, which references a Queen song, as her performance name.

Early Performances

Lady Gaga begun playing dance music in New York and built up a cult following. She added plenty of dance moves and costumes to her shows to make them more multidimensional and to draw attention to her music. Her performances in New York earned the acclaim of many, and rapper Akon was among them. Akon helped Lady Gaga get a deal with Interscope, his record label, so that she could help other artists with their songwriting while working on her own songs in the process.

The Fame

Things moved very quickly for Lady Gaga once she released her first album for Interscope. The album, named "The Fame," quickly shot up the charts thanks to singles such as "Just Dance" and "Poker Face." According to Lady Gaga's official website, the first two singles from the album each generated five million sales, and the album itself has sold in excess of 15 million total copies at time of publication. The success of "The Fame" also extended into the awards circuit as it was nominated for multiple Grammy statues. Within less than two years, Lady Gaga went from playing clubs to being an extremely well-known recording artist.

Continued Success

Lady Gaga's run of success did not end following her debut as she has released two more full-length albums as of 2011. Her sophomore album, "The Fame Monster," had another radio hit in the form of "Bad Romance." Lady Gaga continued changing her style to include more sensitive songs alongside her typical audacious dance tracks. Her 2011 release "Born This Way" features a radio single of the same name, and she continues to hone her style and production values.

About the Author

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