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Plan your next event from your computer.

Plan your next event from your computer.

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With Evite, you can e-mail party invitations from the web or your iPhone or other smart phone. Evite also offers an array of party planning ideas. It doesn't cost anything to send out e-mail invites and browse Evite's party planning ideas. To send e-mail invites, you have to register for a free account.

Game Night Invites

Evite offers over 30 editable templates for everything from Scrabble and bowling to poker and casino-type parties. To send an electronic invitation to your friends, select the template of your choice by clicking on "Invitation" on the top of the page. Select "Game Night" from the left side panel. Select your template by clicking the "Right" and "Left" arrows at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on your choice. Enter your contact information and any additional text on the next screen. Click "Next Step." Enter your friends' e-mail addresses on the next screen.

Engagement Party Invites

E-mailing your engagement party invitations from Evite allows you to save money for postage and expensive printed invitations. You can choose from more than 30 editable templates in various styles, ranging contemporary to traditional and from fun to formal. Some templates allow you to upload your own photographs to insert into your invitations. You can preview your e-mail invitation at any time. All Evite invitations allow your friends to RSVP by clicking "Yes," "Maybe" or "No."

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Clicking "More" on the Evite home page and selecting "Entertaining" takes you to Evite's party planning section. The last divider on the left features the "For Kids" section. Click on the "Kids' Birthday" link for a list of birthday party ideas, ranging from animal theme to pirate and treasure hunt party themes. The top of the screen fields a variety of editable e-mail invitations. Scroll down to find ideas for costumes, activities and theme-oriented party foods.

Guys' Night Party Ideas

The "Get-Togethers" header on the left sidebar offers a clickable "Guys' Night" option. Chose a fitting e-mail invitation from the top of the screen. The page also offers location ideas for your guys' night and a choice of activities to "geek out" with your pals, including video game marathons and teeing up at your local golf course. Food suggestions include meat skewers and meat-topped pizzas, if you are hosting your guys' night at home, or catered events for more sophisticated affairs.

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