Events in Portland That Focus on Senior Citizens

by Hallie Engel
Portland is home to over 500,000 people.

Portland is home to over 500,000 people.

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Portland is the largest city in Oregon and also one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest. An artsy, creative town, Portland teems with bars, restaurants and shops. Fortunately for seniors living in or visiting Portland, there is plenty for them to do. Many seniors' activities in the city are geared toward health and fitness, helping people lead fulfilling lives into their golden years.

Bicycling Courses

Portland is a city of cyclists, and senior citizens who want to pedal around Portland can take special classes to learn the rules of the road. Portland Parks and Recreation offers a course called "Biking is Back," which take place on the Willamette Greenway Trail, in the southwestern part of the city. The classes are free and special three-wheeled, recumbent bicycles are provided for participants to use, in addition to helmets.

Senior Strolls

Exercise is important at every age, so put on a pair of comfy shoes and join a Senior Stroll, sponsored by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Created to provide seniors with an "easy, pleasant, social walking experience," the program also encourages participants to choose walking as a means of transportation. The walks typically take place weekly May through October, taking advantage of the region's best weather. The strolls cover ground in the city's northern neighborhoods and are also a way to make new friends.

Computer Classes

The digital age is in full swing, and the Internet is a bigger part of life than ever before. To help seniors get up to speed, Portland Parks and Recreation offers computer courses just for them. Take the Excel Seniors course and learn how to make spreadsheets to organize your life, and enroll in the Word course to study desktop publishing. All About Email teaches the ins and outs of writing email, chatting online, sending attachments and more.

Portland Senior Health Expo Events

Living a healthy, happy life in your golden years is a little easier with the help of the Portland Senior Health Expo. The annual convention, held in June, helps seniors learn about "what products and services are available to them in their community" by providing classes and seminars. Learn about everything from insurance to financial planning and international travel. Other courses touch upon gardening and home care, and special prizes, usually in the form of all-inclusive trips, are given away.

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