Events and Places in Makati City, Philippines

by Ian Farquharson
Well-known sights in Makati City include its financial district skyline.

Well-known sights in Makati City include its financial district skyline.

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Makati City forms part of the Philippines National Capital Region, Metro Manila, with the importance of the city as a financial and economic center gaining it the nickname "Financial Capital of the Philippines." The city has plenty of interesting attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. These range from historic attractions, such as Saints Peter and Paul Church, to the city's financial district.


The Museo ng Makati has a collection of artifacts and objects, which provide visitors with a perspective of the history of Makati City. This includes photos, books, dioramas and painted murals showing the development of the city over the years. The museum building itself has an interesting history. Originally constructed in the early 1900s, it functioned for many years as Makati's town hall, prior to its life as a museum.

City Parks

Built by the city government, the Makati Park and Gardens stretches out along the shoreline of the Pasig River. The park provides a relaxing spot for visitors to enjoy a natural setting in the city. Some of its features include a man-made lake with waterfalls, attractive landscaped gardens, plenty of open parkland for exercise and activities, and an amphitheater that stages concerts for park visitors.

Historic Attractions

Historic attractions in the city include a couple of churches dating back to the 1600s. The Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church stands on Bernardo Street, Guadalupe Viejo. Constructed of stone blocks taken from a nearby quarry, it has remained in place since the 1620s. Also constructed in the 1620s, the Saints Peter and Paul Church, at Barangay Poblacion, features some beautifully intricate carvings and sculptures for visitors to see.

Financial District

Distinctive sights in Makati City include the skyline of the financial district. This includes the tallest building in the Philippines, the PBCom Tower. Other locations to see in the financial district include Ayala Avenue, known as the "Wall Street of the Philippines," and a monument to a famous Filipino politician, Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

Shopping Locations

Makati City has some huge malls, which shoppers can enjoy. These include the Power Plant Mall (see Resources, below), located in the Rockwell Center area of the city. This mall complex has four levels, with the stores including a mix of local Filipino retailers and international brands. Shoppers can also enjoy plenty of entertainment on a visit, with the mall having cinemas, ten-pin bowling, amusement centers and restaurants available.


The city hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year. The Flores de Mayo procession takes place in May each year, with participants ranging from local girls representing Makati City organizations, to famous Filipino movie stars. A highlight of the event involves the Makati City Mayor crowning a Flower Queen. Araw ng Makati, staged at the end of May, has parades and parties celebrating the founding of the city. During the festival of Belen sa Makati in December, buildings around the city have their facades decorated with colorful depictions of the nativity scene, known as a creche.

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