Events in Newton Falls, OH

by Audrey Farley

Newton Falls, Ohio, is a small town with a rich history and a vibrant community that was established in 1806 by farmers and dairymen from New England. The town has grown to approximately 10,000, but despite its small size, offers diverse events and activities open to the public, from fitness classes to music concerts.

Community Center Events

The Newton Falls Community Center hosts weekly family activities and fitness events for community members of all ages. On Wednesday mornings and afternoons, the center offers square dancing and line dancing classes. On Monday and Wednesday evenings, the center offers aerobics classes. All classes are free and open to students at all skill levels. The "Mom's Connection" play group meets at the center on various days of the week. Moms to bring their little ones to play at the center and meet and socialize with other moms.

Fourth of July Events

The City of Newton Falls annually hosts Fourth of July events and activities. July 3rd is Family Fun Day and features an all-day cook-out for guests of all ages. In the afternoon and evening, house bands play. The Fourth begins in the morning with the annual New Falls Fourth of July parade. The annual watermelon-eating contest sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, a free bicycle raffle, games and prizes, and free food and drinks take place after the parade. Children are invited to meet Gator the Police Dog, and disc jockeys spin tunes throughout the day. Finally, fireworks kick off after dark.

Library Events

The Newton Falls Library hosts classes and events to engage the public in learning experiences. Schedules change every month, but usually include gardening classes, knit-n-stitch classes and food tastings from around the world. The library also routinely hosts book readings featuring the work of local authors. Throughout the year, the library offers special activities for infants and toddlers, including Story Time for Baby and book clubs for readers of all ages.

Art on the Hill

The Downtown Mantua Revitalization Corporation hosts the annual Art on the Hill, a day-long event featuring the work of local and state-wide artisans who display crafts that range from jewelry and tapestries to home furnishings. The event takes place on both sides of Prospect Street. Art on the Hill also features local food vendors, art demonstrations, music and children's activities.

About the Author

Audrey Farley began writing professionally in 2007. She has been featured in various issues of "The Mountain Echo" and "The Messenger." Farley has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Richmond and a Master of Arts in English literature from Virginia Commonwealth University. She teaches English composition at a community college.