Etiquette for Bringing Wine to a Party

by Tamiya King
Quality wine in a variety of price ranges is appropriate for a dinner party.

Quality wine in a variety of price ranges is appropriate for a dinner party. Images

If you have been invited to a dinner party, it is appropriate to bring wine to the event. It is also important to be aware of the etiquette associated with coming to the party with wine so that you won't offend the host or embarrass yourself in front of the other dinner guests.

Bring the Wine, Leave the Wine

If you bring a wine to a dinner, it is proper etiquette to leave the bottle there. The beverage is considered a gift for the host -- a courtesy for being invited to the meal. The Globe and Mail website asserts that it is best to leave the wine at the home of the hostess, even if she insists you take it with you. If the dinner was with close friends or family members, it is appropriate to suggest that you all enjoy the wine the next time you get together for a meal.

Serving Expectations

It is inappropriate to assume that the wine you bring to the party will be served with dinner. Chances are the host has already planned the meal and beverages that will be served before you even receive the invitation. The Basic Wine Knowledge website states that it is bad manners to bring chilled wine to the celebration, since this implies that you want your wine served with the food. However, it is proper to call the host ahead of time and ask if you can bring a wine that you want everyone to try, according to the Globe and Mail website.

Bring Multiple Bottles

Bringing two or three bottles of wine to the party is a considerate gesture, and gives the guests the opportunity to try different wine varieties with dinner and dessert. If your glass becomes empty as you are sampling the wine or enjoying your meal, it is best to say something that suggests that you enjoy the wine and would love another glass, according to wine etiquette expert Adrian Caravello. This lets the host know that you are having a good time, and is a tactful way to ask for more wine if your glass has been empty for a few minutes, instead of complaining.

Price Range

Caravello suggest that $15 to $20 is enough to purchase a decent bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party. A bottle that is $20 to $40 is sufficient if you want to buy wine that is of a slightly higher quality and bolder taste. However, it is bad taste to boast about how much you spent on the wine.

Wine Gift Alternatives

If you are going to dinner with wine connoisseurs and do not have extensive knowledge about the beverage, it is perfectly fine to bring a gift to the host that will complement the wine, like gourmet cheese or chocolates. This will keep you from purchasing wine that the guests do not prefer, or from spending too much or too little on an appropriate gift. A flower bouquet for the hostess is fitting as well.

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