Entertainment for a Hannah Montana Party

by Rachel Oakley
Consider featuring a Hannah Montana makeover at the party.

Consider featuring a Hannah Montana makeover at the party.

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Hannah Montana premiered in 2006 on the Disney Channel, portraying the life of a pop star teenager, played by Miley Cyrus. Since the show's debut, Hannah Montana has taken over the airwaves, breaking viewing records and turning into a hit movie. If your child loves the show, consider throwing a Hannah Montana theme party. Send out guitar- or microphone-shaped invitations and start working on the entertainment for a party guests will never forget.


Surprise the party guests with a Hannah Montana impersonator. Large cities such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles have lookalikes and impersonators who portray the Hannah Montana character for special events. Hire the impersonator for a meet-and-greet or a live singing show. Some companies will also plan a handful of activities with the impersonator, including treasure hunts and trivia games. If you're keeping to a strict budget, stop by the local costume shop and rent a Hannah Montana outfit for the day to be the impersonator yourself.

Karaoke Competition

Hannah Montana is known for her pop songs, so organize a karaoke competition for the party guests. Clear an area for a stage, with three judges on a panel to score each performance. Purchase a karaoke concert system for the occasion or play one of the Hannah Montana soundtracks. If you have a video game console, Hannah Montana songs are available on Rock Band, as well as a handful of other Miley Cyrus tracks. Award Hannah Montana-themed gifts for prizes.

Fashion Parade

Hannah Montana is a teen fashion icon, with a neverending wardrobe of brightly colored dresses, cowboy boots and hair extensions. Excite party guests by planning a Hannah Montana fashion parade. Fill boxes full of bright clothes and give kids one minute to find their perfect outfit. After time is up, guests then strut their stuff down the makeshift runway, all to lively Hannah Montana music. After the fashion parade, bring out the makeup and hair glitter to give party guests a makeover, complete with clip-on fluorescent hair extensions.

Jewelry Making and Decorating

Make rock star bracelets at the Hannah Montana party. Set up small stations outside and supply the kids with an abundance of beads, glitter, string, ribbons and small charms. You can buy an already-made charm kit or go to a local bead shop to purchase your own selection of jewelry items. For another decorating activity, give children plain white T-shirts and have them paint the fronts with glitter pens, or give them plain photo frames to decorate with glass beads and charms.

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