How to Entertain Kids At a Bar Mitzvah

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Witness a serious ceremony before the reception.

Witness a serious ceremony before the reception.

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A child's Bar Mitzvah marks a special moment in life when, at age 13, he is now obligated to observe Jewish commandments. A century ago, Bar Mitzvah ceremonies did not exist -- a boy simply got this rite of passage when becoming a teenager. Today, however, elaborate ceremonies and receptions are put together, and family and friends gather from all over to enjoy some of the best food, dancing and entertainment to be had.

Step 1

Provide plenty of relevant music. Whether the guest of honor desires a DJ or a band, music is at the center of the entertainment. Decide what kind of style, energy and feel the reception should have. If there are more adults than children invited, a band might cater more to the adult generation. In addition, watching the band members play provides entertainment in itself and creates a spontaneous environment. A DJ, however, has a wide variety of music and can also act as an announcer.

Step 2

Hire a side show. Someone walking around to the tables doing magic tricks or creating balloon twists keeps kids entertained between dinner courses. Or, work with a comedy troupe who will incorporate personal references into the act so that the sketches have significant meaning to the audience. A celebrity impersonator also guarantees laughs and enjoyment; just make sure the act is appropriate for the kids, such as Austin Powers or Lady Gaga.

Step 3

Sit a child down for a five-minute caricature of himself and he will leave with a special, personal parting gift. A caricature artist will key into certain attributes and hobbies a child has, and then create an interesting picture of the child. These are always exciting to show friends and family members at a party, and they are also good conversation starters.

Step 4

Set out a sweet bar consisting of candy and ice cream. Fill 20 jars of nostalgic and current candies and offer treat bags to the guests. After dinner, the guests at each table go up and get as many sweet treats as they would like. Supply twist ties at the edge of the table. For the ice cream, serve hot and cold toppings, such as caramel, chocolate and strawberry, in addition to cut-up fruit, sprinkles and the candy already on the table.

Step 5

Display pictures throughout the venue. Instead of numbering the tables, use pictures of the Bar Mitzvah boy in costume as various icons, Hollywood actors and more. Guests will be entertained by their friend playing the role of someone famous. In addition, show everyone a special video of the boy's life so far, beginning with the baby years. Move through grade school, extracurricular activities and any significant moments. Be sure to include as many of the guests as you can in the video.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find out exactly what the venue supplies and what you will need to bring.
  • Supply the musical entertainment with a list of must-play songs.
  • Remember that the boy is a child. Refrain from displaying or talking about embarrassing pictures or moments.
  • Find out beforehand if any of your guests have food allergies.

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