How to Entertain a Gemini Man

by Chelsea Baldwin

Entertaining a man is a mystery to most women, especially since most don't see the appeal of watching a football game for hours on end or playing video games for extended periods of time. However, understanding his astrological sign can give you ideas for entertaining an adventurous, Gemini man.

Step 1

Join him on a spontaneous daylong date filled with adventure. Gemini men love trips and excitement, and will always be up for something stimulating to do.They prefer not to sit in one place for too long, so try to avoid too many of the movie-and-dinner-at-home dates.

Step 2

Take him on a date that will challenge his intellect. Gemini men are usually very intelligent, with quick wit. You can take him to a museum or an exhibit he's expressed interest in. If you want to give him a gift, offer lessons for something he wants to learn, like guitar playing or martial arts.

Step 3

Teach him a skill you have perfected but he has yet to master. Not only will this provide a way for you to connect with him, but it will also challenge his intellect and keep him from becoming bored.

Step 4

Play hard to get. Gemini men are bored easily and enjoy the chase. Don't make yourself too available to him, no matter how much you like him. If you do, you may become too boring for him, and he'll lose interest and move on. Gemini men prefer women who are not too clingy. Say no to him every once in a while, and don't be afraid to occasionally make plans without him.

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