How to Enter a Web Address on a PS3

by Megan Thacker Google

When you're bored with playing games on your PlayStation 3, you can take advantage of one of the many other entertainment services available through your console; premium services like Qriocity and Netflix provide a portal for music and movie streaming. Even without premium services, you can find online entertainment on PS3; if your console is connected to the Internet, you can surf the web through the built-in web browser. All you need is your controller as your navigation tool.

Step 1

Open the PlayStation 3 web browser, which is located under the "Network" menu on the Xross Media Bar.

Step 2

Press the "Start" button to load the address bar and text input screen.

Step 3

Delete the existing address by pressing and holding the "Square" button.

Step 4

Use the arrow buttons on your directional pad to select letters and press "X" to enter each letter. Type each letter of the web address; press "Start" when finished to confirm the address and wait for the page to load.

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