What to Do at an End of the Year Sleepover Party?

by Petra Turnbull
Backyard camping with a barbecue and games is a fun sleepover activity.

Backyard camping with a barbecue and games is a fun sleepover activity.

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The end of the school year usually is accompanied with an universal feeling of relief and a sense of joy that summer and holidays are here. Many families choose to celebrate the event with a sleepover party for the children since some of the students will not be able to see each other during the holidays. Host exciting activities to turn a sleepover party into a memorable event.


End-of-year sleepover parties happen during the summer and if the weather is nice, you can arrange for a camping trip to the back yard. Set up a tent or two, depending on the number of guests, and prepare a barbecue. While the guests are waiting to be fed, arrange a scavenger hunt or conduct races in the yard. After the barbecue, tell ghost stories and invite the guests to tell or make up their own stories before they head off to their tents with flashlights.

Fashion Show

The days preceding the summer holiday are usually times where most girls stack up on the content in their closets, so arrange a sleepover party with a fashion show. Ask the girls to bring some of their new clothes to the sleepover, find a space in the house or the yard where they can walk up and down and have a table with refreshments ready. Ask the girls for their favorite music to accompany the event and let them use as much makeup as they want. Make sure you provide an audience; if you cannot find enough family members to volunteer, ask some of the moms who have daughters at the sleepover to come by and watch.


Older boys most likely to want to play with their PlayStation, Xbox or Wii when having a sleepover with their friends, and you can suprise them by getting one of the latest games to keep them busy in the evening. Younger boys, and also girls, might be open to learn traditional card games, including bridge or canasta, which are ideal to play in larger groups. Other traditional games that are not known to all children and teens are Backgammon, Mahjong or even Scrabble. Teaching these games requires that you are familiar with the rules, but you can always ask an elderly person in the neighborhood to come by and give a lesson.

Movie Premier

Sleepover parties without a movie are almost unthinkable, but you can make a movie screening extra special by arranging a film premiere party. Ask the guests to arrive in style with feather boas, long dresses and bow ties. A few weeks before the event, ask at a local carpet shop for red carpet off cuts or remains; if they do not have any leftovers, they might be willing to hold some back for you. Have the carpet ready outside when the guests arrive and suggest that children conduct mock interviews with one another before they enter the house. Serve carbonated drinks in champagne glasses and walk around with a tray filled with finger foods, including sandwiches or cocktail sausages. Darken the room when the movie starts and have food ready for the after party. During the course of the evening, play charades and quizzes that relate to the movie. Before the guests go to bed, give them small goody bags with sweets, perfume samples and fashion jewelry.

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