Enchanted Forest Party Decorations

by Zach Lazzari
Use dim lighting for an enchanted forest theme.

Use dim lighting for an enchanted forest theme.

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An enchanted forest theme party is dependent on decorations and sounds to provide the mystique of a real forest. Standard decorations are easily obtained through party suppliers and creativity is required to position the decorations and tie the theme together. Decorations may also be improvised to add unique elements and appeal to the party.


Use blowup plants and fake plants to decorate the party and build the forest. Use the larger trees to outline walkways and surround social areas with small plastic shrubs and vines. Cover posts and beams with vines and drape the vines to add texture and create a wild forest feeling.


Ponds add to the ambiance of the party. Cover small children ponds with green tarps to blend with the trees and plants. Surround the ponds with trees and plants and fill with water. Add fake lily pads, fake frogs and fake fish to the ponds. Place a small light over the pond to illuminate water. Specialty pond lights may also be placed directly in the water. Use the light to add a dull glow to the water and surrounding plants.


Exotic animals occupy the forest, and fake tigers, monkeys, deer and snakes are excellent props. Create a light distribution with the animals and place them in less-than-obvious positions. This surprises the party guest when a tiger is suddenly noticed peering through the bushes or a snake brushes the side of her arm. Animals are not required in the enchanted forest but they are certainly welcome.


Lighting is important at an enchanted forest party. The forest has a thick canopy and dim lighting adds mystery to the surroundings. Highlight water features and use outdoor ground lights to illuminate paths in the forest. Keep the overhead lighting on a dim setting and cover bright lights with lampshades if they are not on a dimmer control system.

White Space

White space interrupts the flow of the enchanted forest and should be covered with fake vines and plants. Large areas of white space like high ceilings and large walls may be covered with green mesh netting. Mesh netting is widely available for a cheap price, and spray painting the netting sets an easy textured backdrop for the forest. Thick colored paper may be substituted for the netting but the paper does not provide the texture.

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