Elegant Office Party Ideas

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Sophisticated place settings add elegance to an office party.

Sophisticated place settings add elegance to an office party.

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An office party is one way to break up an otherwise boring day, bring new life into the midst of a business enterprise and build camaraderie through a shared social event. Office parties don't have to mean cold pizza in the conference room or a box of doughnuts served with the company coffee. With some thought and planning, you can throw an office party that has style and elegance.


While you can hold the office party in the office if you have a meeting room large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone, moving the party out of the office creates an instant change in attitude. Book a venue such as an art institute or gallery, local aquarium, dinner theater, historic home, yacht or ski lodge for a classy change of scenery.


Rather than hosting the office party during business hours, schedule your occasion for after hours, when attendees are likely to be more relaxed and focused on having a good time. An evening function is always more formal than one held during the workday and allows employees to change into elegant attire as opposed to their daily work wardrobe. Dressing to the nines for an upscale function allows everyone to see each other in a new light and puts employees on even ground, blurring the class lines that sometimes prevail in the workplace.


Burgers and fries or a potluck dinner simply won't do for the elegant office party. Start with hors d'oeuvres that incorporate exotic ingredients and a variety of beverages, both with and without alcohol. Follow up with a sit-down dinner at tables adorned with linen tablecloths, fine china and flatware, place cards and finger bowls. Choose premium cuts of meat and quality seafood prepared by a professional chef to complete your entree offerings. Serve a selection of decadent desserts that mimic the sinfully luxurious theme of the evening.


For the elegant office party, book entertainment that enhances your theme of class and style. Hire a harpist, flautist, pianist or violinist to entertain attendees with a selection of haunting classical music. Choose an orchestral trio or quartet, an operatic performer or saxophonist to perform a moving rendition of a variety of well-known favorites. Chinese acrobats, a magician or a Kabuki performance are out-of-the-ordinary options that will leave your coworkers talking about the entertainment when they return to work the following week.

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