Elegant DIY Engagement Party

by Kyra Sheahan
You have the ring, now have the engagement party!

You have the ring, now have the engagement party!

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Now that you officially have the ring on your finger, it's time to throw a formal engagement party to celebrate the great news with family and friends. An elegant do-it-yourself engagement party can be intimate with a handful of guests or on the larger side. By putting together the party yourself, you will save money and be able to decorate your atmosphere the way you envision it. Make sure that you have the time and patience for putting the crafty ideas together, or get a group of girlfriends to help you set up.

Items you will need

  • Fabric
  • Glass jars
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • White trays
  • Multi-tier cupcake stand
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Photographs
  • Picture frames
  • Easel
  • Sound system
  • Romantic music
Step 1

Select the color scheme you wish to use for your elegant engagement party. Black and white are classic formal colors for weddings, but you can still maintain an elegant ambiance with color combinations such as white and pastel orange, white and yellow or black and pink.

Step 2

Plan the menu. For a do-it-yourself engagement party, you might want to make the food and beverages yourself. If this is the case, serve appetizers, beverages and dessert to your party guests. You can make the menu elegant by coming up with gourmet food ideas. For instance, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears, bacon-wrapped scallops and smoked salmon with goat cheese on crackers are ideas for appetizers. Your beverages could include champagne, or a sparkling soda with fruit juice mixture. An elegant dessert selection might be petit-fours, an assortment of chocolate truffles and fondant-decorated miniature cupcakes.

Step 3

Make your table linens by draping fabric from the fabric store over your tables. Gather the corners and edges of the fabric that hang down and pull them in towards the table's stand or legs. Use another piece of fabric, perhaps in a different color, to make a giant bow around the stand or legs.

Step 4

Design your centerpieces. You could do something simple and elegant by collecting glass jars and empty wine bottles and filling them with flowers in your color scheme. Or, put together a cluster of small orchids in white clay pots that are arranged on a large saucer in the middle of your table. The best part of this idea is that guests at the party can take home a potted orchid as a party favor.If you like the idea of a low centerpiece on your table, put together shallow bowls of rosebuds in full bloom, and add water if you want them to float.

Step 5

Decorate with candles. Add tea light candles around your centerpieces on the tables, and decorate your food and beverage stations with tall pillar candles. If fire safety is an issue, use LED flameless candles instead. Candles add elegance and romance to a room, and they also allow you to turn down the lighting for an even more elegant ambiance.

Step 6

Create different stations for your food and beverages. This breaks up the buffet-dining style and turns your engagement party into an experience that resembles cocktail hour at your wedding, where your guests can walk around and pick up different foods and beverages from different tables. To embellish your drink station, place your premade cocktails or beverages on white trays. Stack appetizers on multi-tier cupcake stands. Simple touches like this add instant elegance and creativity.

Step 7

Embellish the room with photographs of you and your fiance. You can frame small pictures of the two of you and place them on the tables, or set a large framed photo of you on an easel for guests to see as they walk into your home.

Step 8

Set up a sound system. Play romantic music to keep the theme elegant. You might choose music by classical composers such as Mozart and Bach, or you could do a jazzy music ensemble with tunes by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. If opera is your preference, consider music by Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is good etiquette to invite people to your engagement party if you are inviting them to the wedding.
  • Always set a budget before you starting a DIY engagement party project. With an abundance of creative ideas, it can be easy to over-spend.

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