Elegant Christmas Ornaments to Crochet

by Katie Kenig Google

Handmade Christmas ornaments create a tree display that is one-of-a-kind and filled with heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation. There is a variety of patterns available for crocheted Christmas ornaments, many of which are elegant and can fit into even designer-styled homes during the holidays. Elegant crocheted Christmas ornaments also make stunning holiday gifts that can be tucked into cards for teachers, doormen and others you wish to give small personal items to for the holiday.


Crocheted snowflake ornaments come in a variety of styles suitable for beginner to expert crocheters. They are created using cotton crochet thread and a steel crochet hook and are crocheted in the round. When completed, crocheted snowflake ornaments should be starched and laid flat to dry for the best effect. Cotton crochet thread is available in plain white, ecru, gold and silver metallic and white with metallic or iridescent threads, all of which can be used to create different snowflake effects. You can also add iridescent glitter after the snowflake is completed and starched by using a fabric glue that dries clear.

Filet Crochet Motifs

Filet crochet is a technique where you make open and filled boxes to create a graphic design. Any simple motif can be sketched out on graph paper by filling in squares until the desired effect is created. Crochet cotton and a steel crochet hook are used to create the motif, chaining three stitches for each square in the design, plus three to stand for the first double crochet. An open box is created by chaining two stitches, skipping two and double crocheting into the next stitch, while a filled-in box is created with three double crochet. The edge of a filet crochet motif may be finished with a row of single crochet, a shell border or a bobble border, and the completed ornament should be starched and laid flat to dry.

Wire Crochet

Jewelry wire in 18 to 24 gauge can be used to crochet beautiful and elegant abstract balls for the Christmas tree. Wire is available in silver, gold or brass finishes to accent any home decor. To add beads to the ball, string them onto the wire before beginning to crochet, then slide one up and hold it firmly against a completed stitch before moving onto the next stitch in the pattern. Balls may also be crocheted without a pattern, free form in the round, though if you are unfamiliar with increases and decreases needed for a symmetrical ball, it is best to begin with a pattern. These balls are also elegant as home décor pieces when grouped in shallow dishes or piled inside of tall glass vases.

Ornament Covers

While glass ball ornaments are classic and elegant on their own, they can be enhanced with a crocheted cover created with cotton or metallic thread and a steel crochet hook. Covers are crocheted in the round, and fitted directly to the glass ball as you work. Be careful when working with glass balls, as they are prone to breakage. Beginners should start with a plastic or foam ball until they are certain they can work the pattern easily. When completed, the ornament cover forms a lace net over the ball while allowing the color of the ornament to peek through the design.

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