Elegant Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

by Lanh Ma
Enjoy an elegant dinner party at a catered event.

Enjoy an elegant dinner party at a catered event.

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Though birthday parties are typically associated with shrieking children or embarrassing games, there is no reason that birthday parties cannot be elegant, graceful and grown-up. When you are celebrating the birthday of a gracious and elegant adult, make sure that the party matches their tastes and their aesthetic. There are many options when you are considering an elegant birthday party, so consider the tastes of the guest of honor.

Wine-Tasting Party

Call up the local winery and check out their rates for a wine-tasting party. A wine tasting is typically an evening affair, and it gives everyone a reason to dress up. This is a perfect opportunity to snare the interests of any wine lover and it gives them a chance to try local vintages that they might never have considered before. A wine tasting can be arranged for a gathering of any size, and it is a good way to get people to relax and mingle.

Sushi Party

Treat the guest of honor out to a night of sushi or take it one step further and bring the sushi to her. Hire a sushi chef for the evening to prepare fish and rice in the guest of honor's home. This is an excellent choice for any guest of honor who loves Japanese culture or sushi, and it is a great way to get people to try new things. Sushi is all about presentation, and the elegant slices of fish do well for people who have a taste for the austere.

Cocktail Party

Rent out a room at a classy local bar and invite the party to meet there. Choose a bar or club that has a good reputation and which the guest of honor enjoys. Encourage the guests to dress up and to go all out in terms of attire. A cocktail party is an elegant way to take the guest of honor out on the town, and it allows you to make use of an existing venue, rather than trying to host at the house.

Spa Party

When you feel like allowing the guest of honor to relax, take her to the spa. This is a perfect birthday party for a small, close-knit group of people, and it has the added benefit of allowing everyone to simply take a day off. Choose a full day or half-day spa treatment, looking for ones with a massage option or techniques specifically geared toward relaxing the people who attend. Cap it off with a light dinner at the guest of honor's favorite establishment.

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