Eiffel Tower Crafts for Toddlers

by Danielle Hill
The Eiffel Tower can be an educating craft project for toddlers.

The Eiffel Tower can be an educating craft project for toddlers.

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The Eiffel Tower, located in Paris, was built in 1889 and is a symbol of France recognized all over the world. Learning about other cultures is important for small children so that they can become members of a global society. A way to facilitate that learning that is meaningful is to engage children in a craft while they are learning about a certain place or culture. The toddler age group, 1 to 2 years, is especially able to be influenced in a positive way by learning about new cultures.


Legos are plastic building blocks enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Using a toy that is already widely accepted can be an easy way to transition into an educational craft activity, especially for boys who may be reluctant to participate. Legos come in various shapes and colors so drafting out the Eiffel Tower accurately can be accomplished, though this will be a time-consuming activity. Make sure to plan many days to finish this project. While it may not be realistic for a toddler to complete this project alone, with the help of an adult or older child it can be done. Or, use larger building blocks and create a simpler design.

Wooden Craft Sticks

Wooden craft sticks are a common craft material, as they can be painted and fashioned into many shapes and designs. The Eiffel Tower is composed mostly of straight and slanted lines so this will be an ideal craft stick project because that is their natural shape. The amount of sticks needed for this activity depends on the scale of your design. Have plenty of glue and paint on hand to secure and decorate your finished project, and adults to help the toddler complete the project.


Papier-mache can create an accurate representation of the Eiffel Tower if done correctly. Papier-mache is made using a mixture of glue and water; dip newspaper into that mixture and create layers in the composition of your choice. Use copy or white paper as your last layer so that you can paint and decorate your finished project. If you carefully layer your paper, you create a building with height and dimension. Help from an adult or older child may be needed so the toddler completing the project does so accurately.


Drawing can be a simple way to create a craft project in a time crunch. Many toddlers enjoy being uninhibited by other rules or guidelines and allowed to freely draw as they wish. If you use this option, you may also consider allowing children to put their own spin on the Eiffel Tower, adding their own colors or lines to make it their own. When individualizing work, students will have a buy-in and are more likely to be interested in learning information about that topic. Toddlers may not be able to complete an accurate replica but they can create their own unique designs without assistance.

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