Effects for a Halloween Party

by Jane Ellis
Your food should echo the Halloween theme.

Your food should echo the Halloween theme.

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If you want to throw a spook-tacular Halloween party, one that will have all the "boys and ghouls" chattering about what a fantastic job you did long after the witching hour has passed, go the extra mile when choosing special effects for your event. At Halloween, think dramatic and over-the-top when trying to create a suitably creepy and fun atmosphere for your party.


Set up foreboding tombstones, scary zombies or skeletons around your event to create just the right macabre tone for your party. Even better, hook up a fog machine to blow a swirling, menacing fog around these frightening decorations. Some people prefer using a strobe light to create a disorienting, creepy effect, while still others will use both visual disturbances on their guests. Flickering candles are another spooky touch, but for safety reasons, battery-operated ones are better suited for a Halloween party than real ones.

Scary Moving Things

Things that go bump in the night have always frightened people. Today, many manufacturers have produced frightening Halloween decorations that move or fall suddenly, cackle or scream loudly, or do any number of other heart-stopping things when they sense motion. Placing several of these motion-sensitive items at random spots in your event will keep everyone on his toes and will usually get laughs from both those who get scared and those who witness the scaring.

Scary Sounds and Music

Halloween parties are creepier when the ambiance includes spooky music, tortured moaning, screams of agony, the sounds of rattling chains or the crazed laughter of a lunatic. Most party stores and large general merchandise stores sell CDs filled with these types of sounds around Halloween. If you can't find an already manufactured one, either create your own sounds on your computer or look for free or inexpensive spine-chilling sound bites online, and burn a CD of your own creation.

Food Effects

Don't ruin your Halloween theme by serving boring chips and dip. Your party food should complement the spooky theme. For instance, create mummies by wrapping hot dogs in pastry dough and using dots of ketchup for the eyes. You can also serve sugar cookies in the shape of bats or hissing cats. For an extra added spooky touch, serve a cauldron of creepy, misty punch. Just place a small punch bowl filled with your beverage of choice in a larger cauldron. Add dry ice and liquid to the cauldron and voila, your punch will be lost in a swirling haze that would make any witch proud.

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