Eclipse Themed Party Ideas

by Donni Jones
A eclipse is a happening, and so is an eclipse party.

A eclipse is a happening, and so is an eclipse party.

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A quirky idea for your next party is an eclipse theme. This theme works well for an astronomy major's or professor's birthday, a get-together to celebrate an actual eclipse or just as a new kind of party to try. Plan your decorations, activities, prizes and food around this unique theme.

Making Ready

Hang from the ceiling streamers, balloons, and cardboard moons in all its phases. Then, prominently display a moon in eclipse. Cut a very large starburst pattern from cardboard and paint it white; cut a smaller circle, paint it black then tape it to the center of the starburst. Hang your faux eclipse in a corner and illuminate it with a lamp. Have a banner made reading "Eclipse Party." Create a centerpiece for the food table by filling three vases of different heights and sizes with styrofoam balls wrapped in white tissue paper.

Having Fun

Play a game of Pin the Moon on the Sun. Recreate the aforementioned eclipse, only smaller, to see which blindfolded guest can come closest to pinning the moon in dead center. Have two identical easy eclipse jigsaw puzzles made then split guests into two teams to compete to see who can put it together fastest. Watch a movie such as 2010's Twilight: Eclipse, 1995's Total Eclipse or 1993's Full Moon. See who's the best at karaoke, with songs such as "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake, "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and, of course, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.

Giving Rewards

For party favors and game prizes, shop dollar stores for moon soap, candles, candle holders, coasters, matchboxes, key chains, notepads and bottle openers. You can also visit web sites where you can have such items customized. Alternatively, exercise your creativity and make your own refrigerator magnet souvenirs to give away. Paint beer bottle caps black, glue a magnet inside and paint on the front either a white starburst and black circle to represent an eclipse or "Eclipse Party" and the date.

Chowing Down

Serve dishes with a word added to tie them in to the eclipse party theme. Examples include crescent calzones, gravity grilled chicken, eclipse eggrolls, quarter moon quiche, cycle sliders, full moon frittata, lunar lobster rolls and orbit oysters. Also use this technique with your drinks -- moon milkshakes and satellite soda for a kid's party, waning white Russians and waxing whiskey sours for an adult's. For dessert, pass around a platter piled high with moon pies.

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