Easy-to-Make Blankets for a Baby Shower

by Becky Lower
Baby blankets can be made very simply.

Baby blankets can be made very simply.

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A friend or relative is having a baby! This wonderful news means a baby shower is in the offing. You want to make a blanket to show you care and that you're creative, but you only have a few months to put something together. What can be done with a short window of opportunity? Or if you have two left thumbs? Fortunately, there are simple baby blankets that anyone can make.


Buy a yard of polar fleece at a local crafts or fabric store. Cut it to size. Most cribs are 32 inches by 42 inches. You can be done at this stage, or if you want to dress it up a bit more, cut fringe on the edges, 3 to 4 inches into the fabric, and 1/2 inch wide.


Buy 1 1/2 yards each of flannel and polar fleece. Place the fabrics with right sides together. Measure and cut the fabric to 32 by 42 inches and pin the fabric together. Sew the edges together with a sewing machine, leaving a gap of 3 to 4 inches on one side to turn the fabric right side out. Pull the fabric through the opening, making certain to poke the corner fabric into a nice edge. Sew the opening closed by hand with a simple blind stitch, catching just a few strands of fabric each time so the stitch is barely visible. Finish by ironing the entire blanket.

A Bit More Complicated

If the child lives in a colder climate, add a layer of batting to the blanket for warmth. Cut the fabric and batting to size. Place the first fabric right side down. Lay the batting on top and add the second fabric to the pile, with its right side up, forming a sandwich with the batting as the meat. Pin the three layers together and baste the layers together, using the widest stitch on a sewing machine. Trim the edges. Sew 1/2-inch-wide bias tape to the edges of the blanket on the front side. Pull the bias tape around the edge to the back side and hand stitch it in place. If you want, add yarn ties to hold the batting in place. Thread a wide needle with yarn and pierce through the three layers about every 6 inches. Knot the yarn tightly, then tie the ends into a bow.

Make a Border

Buy 1 1/2 yards each of flannel and polar fleece. Cut the flannel to 32 by 42 inches. Cut the fleece to 38 by 48 inches. Lay the fleece right side down on a table. Center the flannel right side up on top of the fleece. Fold the extra fleece on each side over and sew to the flannel, using a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine. Sew only the straight sides, leaving the corners alone for now. Fold one corner together at a time, mitering the cloth where the two sides come together. Sew the mitered seam together by hand.

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