Easy Ways to Teach Preschoolers Sunday School Songs

by Melissa Lewis
When preschoolers know the songs, they will better enjoy worship time.

When preschoolers know the songs, they will better enjoy worship time.

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Teaching Sunday School to preschoolers can be a rewarding experience, and fun at times, too. However, you can become frustrated at the slow pace they sometimes learn things. Fortunately, when it comes to learning the songs for worship time, there are a couple of things you can do to help teach your preschoolers the songs. This way, the kids are singing and participating in worship time rather than standing and staring at you as you sing.

Song Selection

Choose songs with catchy tunes that the preschoolers will enjoy. Skip "Kumbaya" and go for "Zacchaeus" or "I've Got the Joy Down in My Heart." Besides these classics, newer songs are available such as "Jesus Is My Superhero" by Hillsong. It includes phrases that many kids will get excited about, such as saying that Jesus is better than Spiderman, Superman, Action Man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Barbie and Batman.


Rather than singing a new songs every week, pull from the same set of songs that the kids are familiar with. Each month, perhaps you can introduce a new song, but according to North Dakota State University, kids learn through repetition and singing the same songs may be boring for the teachers, but not for the kids.

Body Motions

Include body motions to help the kids learn the songs. As you sing the songs and do the motions, the kids will remember the part of the song that is coming up next. For example, for the song, "O Be Careful, Little Eyes" as you move into the second verse and your hands go up to your ears, the kids will remember the next verse is about ears. As you point and look up, they will remember the part about the "Father up above."

Take Home CD

If possible, give the kids a CD of the songs that you sing in Sunday School to listen to in the car and at home. Watch out, though, for copyright issues. A cheap mix of kids songs may be available at your local Christian bookstore. Or, perhaps you can record the songs yourself. If the kids listen to the CD outside of church, they will become even more familiar with the songs and be ready to join in worship at Sunday School.

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