Easy Ways to Make a Frankenstein Costume

by K.C. Moore

With his creepy dead skin, lifeless stiff walk and electrifying neck bolts, Frankenstein is a popular costume choice for those who want a costume that looks spooky instead of silly. You do not need to be a mad scientist to give life to a Frankenstein costume -- you just need the right aesthetics to bring out the monster inside.


The clothes make the man, or in this case the monster. Frankenstein traditionally wears a black blazer with matching pants, platform shoes and a colored shirt underneath. Dig around in the back of your closet for these items or buy them from a local thrift store or resale shop. To convey a sense of Frankenstein's massive size, pick out clothes that are slightly too small or make a few rips and tears to look like you are popping out of your clothing.


Proper makeup is the key to a successful Frankenstein costume. Frankenstein is a corpse come to life, so your skin should have a sickly green or gray color. Apply a dark-colored foundation and then blend it with costume makeup to pull off the monstrous effect. Apply makeup to your hands to match and darken your fingernails with black nail polish. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw a scar across your forehead to complete the look.


If you have short hair, the only thing you need to do is style it back into a bouffant using mousse or hair gel and color it with spray-on costume dye. Wigs are expensive, so if your hair is not the right length to style it like Frankenstein, create a cheap headpiece from household goods. Cut a milk jug or craft box so that it fits your head, paint it green, then glue strips of black fabric to make the hair.

Neck Bolts

Frankenstein is known for his neck bolts, which were used to zap him to life. Most costume shops will carry costume neck bolts for Frankenstein costumes, however, the quality of these bolts may vary. If you have problems keeping the bolts on, attach them to green wire and wrap it around your neck. For a cheap solution, create the aforementioned headpiece and create fake bolts from household materials, such as painted milk jug caps, to glue to the headpiece.

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