Easy to Sew Toddler Purses

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Little girls love to wear jewelry and purses.

Little girls love to wear jewelry and purses.

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Most little girls love to pretend they are older. They will often play dress-up, which can include a little purse. You can make simple purses with fabric scraps and notions such as ribbons. Buy a pattern or make your own; either way, you get to choose the colors and embellishments to tailor the purse to your toddler's taste.


There are many styles of purses you can make. Look at purse, tote or backpack patterns to find something you like. If you think something is too big for your toddler, you may make the pattern smaller. Think about a retro-style purse with a square or trapezoid-shape and a short handle. Use a mod-style dotted fabric to enhance the retro feel. Children love animals, so you can also make purses in the shapes of creatures. Use soft fabrics or felt in bright colors.

What You Need

You will obviously need fabric; you do not need much for a toddler purse. If you are using a pattern, consult the directions for the amount of fabric you need. You might want to take your child to the fabric store with you so she can choose the fabric. Other purses can be made from pieces of felt. You might also need tacky glue, scissors, fabric markers, zippers, thread, interfacing, ribbon or other embellishments. It is ideal if you have a sewing machine; seams that are sewn are more durable than glued seams.

How to Sew a Purse

Sewing small pieces of fabric can be challenging, but if you work carefully, it can be done. Fuse on interfacing before doing any sewing; interfacing makes the fabric sturdier so that the finished product is more durable. Sew on any embellishments before you sew the side seams of a purse. For most purses, you simply need to fold the fabric in so that right sides are together, and sew the side seams. Most purses also need lining, which you can attach at the top of the purse and fold into the main bag. If you use glue, allow it to dry overnight before you give the purse to the little girl.


Read all pattern directions before making your purse. Ensure you have all the supplies needed. Cut out the fabric pieces carefully, as any pieces that are not cut out quite correctly can lead to a lopsided purse. Use cotton fabrics, and quilting fabrics are also ideal for making purses. Leather is difficult to sew and it isn't necessary for a toddler purse. Slippery fabrics such as silk, chiffon or satin are difficult to cut (especially the small pieces needed for a toddler purse) and are often too thin and insubstantial.

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